BMA addresses drug problem, calls on public to be eyes and ears


BANGKOK, 19 June 2014 – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is stepping up measures against drug abuse while asking the public to be eyes and ears for authorities.

Deputy Bangkok Governor Pusadee Tamthai, in her capacity as acting Bangkok Governor, said drug problems had become one of the most important and urgent issues, especially in Bangkok where drug abuse exists in many communities.

She said the BMA had been working hard on eradicating drug problems in accordance with its policy to establish Bangkok as the Metropolitan of Happiness.

The acting governor also called on the public to contribute to solutions to the problem by keeping their eyes open and reporting any suspicious activities. She added that the community itself would be key to effectively eliminate drugs in the Thai society. Lastly, she said love and understanding in the family could provide an immune to protect family members from becoming drug victims.