“Big Cleaning Day” held at Parliament


BANGKOK, 18 August 2014 – A “Big Cleaning Day” activity has been held at Parliament in a bid to welcome the newly-formed National Legislative Assembly (NLA) and the forthcoming National Reform Council (NRC). 

The activity, led by Secretary-General of the Secretariat of the House of Representatives Charae Panpruang, was organized in collaboration with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA)’s Environment Department, with more than 100 BMA staff taking part in the event.

Not only did the cleaning activity create reconciliation and unity among Thai authorities, it was also held as a tribute to HM the Queen on the occasion of Her Majesty’s 82nd anniversary, the secretary-general said.

Mr. Charae expressed his appreciation to all the officials and staff who helped clean the Parliament compound to welcome members of the NLA as well as the reform council, which will be established in the near future.