Banglamung police station superintendent concern over road accident during Songkran festival, harsh punishment to be enforced on drunk drive


Banglamung Superintendent announces Songkran death toll to be no more than 2

Banglamung Police Station prepare for 7 risky days with serious inspections, on four charges, for those driving without any attention to safety and creating difficulties for others along with creating servicing centers for citizens and reduce road accidents during Songkran at two points including providing fast mobile unit to help citizens

At 11 am on 11th April, 2012, Pol. Col. Somnuk Chanket, superintendent of Banglamung Station, with Pol. Lt. Col. Suphachat Piemanas, deputy superintendent of Banglamung Station, with officers from the station met to discuss the preparations for the 7 risky days, Safe Songkran, Zero deaths, in 2nd floor conference room of Banglamung Station.

This year, Banglamung police has jurisdiction areas, which are Naklua, Banglamung, Takientia, Nongplalai, Nongprue, Pong, increasing the seriousness in arresting traffic offenders on 4 charges: drink and drive charge with 1 year imprisonment, fine from 5,000-20,000 baht and suspension of driving license for no more than 6 months; crossing of red lights, fine from 400-1,000 baht; driving above speed limit, fine no more than 1,000 baht and reverse driving. If officers arrest any with these offenses, they will be charged with ‘ Driving without care for safety or difficulties that may come to others’, the officers will report the offenders to court to reconsider the penalties of either 3 months imprisonment or issuing orders for public services and fine from 2,000-10,000 baht or both imprisonment and fine. As for alcohol distribution, the Banglamung police had green lighted officers in arresting and confiscating those with alcohol in their possession or shop distributing alcohol on roadsides or illegally selling on trucks; shops allowed to sell alcohol are those with legal alcohol permit. The officers will act according to the Alcohol Restriction Act 2009, the venues that are not allowed to distribute alcohol are gas stations, government officers, temples and schools. While preparing to handle the accidents during Songkran, Banglamung Station had installed Citizens Service and Accidents reduction at two points, the first place being Banglamung Station’s front and Mitkamol intersection, for citizens to inquire directions and information during the festival including reducing road accidents and installing of signs and posters with directions for commuters. Citizens usually using Sukhumvit road for commute are to avoid this road and instead use No. 36 highway. In addition, the police had created fast mobile units to help citizens immediately after accidents or citizens requiring help. Last year’s Songkran arrests’ statistics showed that the driving above speed limit and drinking and driving were the highest offenses, the former had 275 arrests while the latter had 186 arrests, there were 3 deaths and the risky accident areas are Banna curve, under Kranthinglai highway, Pornprapha road and Wat Chonglom u-turn. 7 risky days watch by Banglamung police during Songkran festival safety precaution started from 11-17th including 18-19th April for Wan Lai festival.

Pol. Col. Somnuk Janthages, superintendent of Banglamung’s station, disclosed, ‘ Today’s meeting was to discuss guidelines to reduce road accidents and provide services to citizens, even with the police determination, road accidents cannot be stopped as it also depends on citizens to not be careless and have their wits together while on or in a vehicle. I have ordered my men to work their best, prepare their physique and mind including other equipments in facilitating convenience for citizens. This year’s goal on death toll is to be as less as two deaths as last year’s death toll was three. In addition, Banglamung police had installed Traffic Coordination and Control Center for citizens’ convenience, citizens can inquire Songkran traffic and inform accidents for 24 hrs.’

Pol. Lt. Col. Supachat Piemmanas, deputy superintendent of Banglamung Station, stated, ‘ The equipments required to provide convenience to citizens are ready, Banglamung police had received sponsorship for 18 check-points signs from Bangkok Hospital Pattaya  and had created fast mobile unit to immediately assist citizens during accidents. The officers will be wearing white for easy recognition by citizens and there will be officers checking for alcohol consumption, drug abuse, therefore, citizens are requested to understand if their travels are delayed but officers are working to keep the citizens safe.’

In addition, Leave Your Homes with the Police project is still open for services by Banglamung station and there are four participants in the projects. Citizens are requested to avoid using high pressure water guns or water cylinders, if officers find any with these equipments, they will be fined and guns arrested. The clay fillers are not illegal for distribution but if officers find any causing difficulties , the police will arrest the offender immediately. Citizens are requested to enjoy Songkran with conscience and not cause difficulties for others

Those wanting to inquire traffic information or report accidents can contact Banglamung Station at 038-221-800-1, 038-221-800-2 or 191, fax: 038-221-331