Bangkokians urged to reserve drinking water for consumption


BANGKOK, Feb 27 – The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) has urged the public to reserve freshwater for household consumption in readiness for the decreasing supply of freshwater as a result of saline intrusion during the approaching dry season.

MWA Director for Corporate Communication Tassanee Rerksantiwong on Thursday warned the public to prepare for freshwater shortages as saltwater is expected to reach the MWA Sam Lae pumping station in Pathum Thani’s provincial seat during the March 3-4 and 9-10 high tides. She said the arrival of an excessive volume of salt water may threaten tap water production in many parts of Bangkok.

Despite water diversion from the Chao Phraya River to help maintain the quality of tap water production and to keep ecological balance, Bangkokians should prepare for possible water shortages as the dry season is expected to be prolonged for many months.

Ms Tassanee stressed that those who rely on WMA tap water–except residents of Phasi Charoen district on the Thonburi side as well as Taksin, Suksawat, Mahasawat and some parts of Bang Bua Thong districts, should store enough fresh water to see their households through the period of high salt content in the Bangkok water distribution system.

Meanwhile, the industrial sector has also been urged to prepare reserves of freshwater for production purposes or to contact MWA local offices if additional technical support is needed. Consumers, industrial or household, can also dial the MWA 1125 Hotline around the clock for more information.

The MWA also advises the public to conserve water use to deal with the approaching dry season.