Bangkok geared up to handle impact from quakes


BANGKOK, 19 April 2012  – The Bangkok Metropolitan Council (BMC) has set up two committees to develop a contingency plan to handle earthquakes in Bangkok. 

BMC President Mr. Sutthichai Veerakulsoonthorn said it is important for Bangkok to be prepared for the natural disaster even though the capital city is not the epicenter of the quakes as tremors are often felt in high rise buildings in the heart of Bangkok.

One of the committees is responsible for drawing up a safety plan while the other is given the task to inspect tall and large buildings to assure their integrity. In addition, the Public Works Department will support the task by helping identify which buildings are not complying with the safety regulations especially fire alarms and evacuation policy.

Building owners, entrepreneurs living in high-rise buildings and representative from the construction industry will be invited to a seminar to exchange their ideas on how safety procedures could be implemented. At the same time, building control regulations will also be revised to assure safety and raise public confidence.