Bangkok deputy governor insists no such thing as dummy CCTV cameras


BANGKOK, 3 May 2014  – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has asserted it will finish installing all of the 9,000 remaining closed-circuit cameras by year-end, and that no dummy cameras will be installed.

Deputy Bangkok Governor Amon Kitchawengkun explained on Friday that 47,000 cameras have so far been installed in the capital city, although 7,000 of these were still without electricity. City Hall was waiting for the contractors to coordinate with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority for electricity feeds to the cameras. 3,000 cameras remain to be installed under the Bangkok governor’s policy of installing 50,000 CCTV cameras; these cameras will of higher capability than the ones previously set up.

Regarding the issue of members of the public having voiced concern about some of the cameras not working, Mr. Amon said this was because such cameras were not being fed electricity yet. He asserted there were no such thing as dummy cameras in Bangkok, and even challenged anyone who manages to locate a dummy camera set up by City Hall to come and fetch a 100,000 baht reward from him.

Bangkok residents who need to check footage from the cameras may visit City Hall to personally view the footage. Alternatively, a call can be made to the CCTV cameras officials at phone number 02 354 1237, during office hours.