Ballot boxes closed without incident in Nakhon Phanom


NAKHON PHANOM, 2 February 2014 – Ballot boxes were closed and voting concluded without incident on Sunday in Nakhon Phanom Province, with no complaints registered and no obstruction to voting taking place.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Churat Pan-ngao, the Chairperson of the Nakhon Phanom Election Commission, said that all 1,115 polling stations in the province were free of any incident. No irregularities occurred during the voting process. He added that after the closing of ballot boxes, all election districts will inspect ballot cards to ensure that the number of people who voted and the number of ballot cards correspond with each other. The ballots will then be counted.

Each polling station will then send its tally to the district sub-committee, which will forward the number to the election district center to combine the tallies from early voting, out-of-district voting and the general election.