Ayuthaya to eradicate water hyacinth in its waterways


AYUTHAYA, 23 July 2014  — The central province of Ayuthaya has launched an operation to remove water hyacinth and other water weeds from four rivers and 17 canals that go through the city.

Deputy governor Panya Srathong-une said currently Ayuthaya’s water network is covered with many kinds of water weeds, especially the fast growing water hyacinth. They reduce the velocity of flowing water which helps cause flooding when the mass of water cannot flow quickly enough and overflows the banks.

After the meeting’s decision, the province will begin to remove the weed from every waterway in preparation for the excess of water that would soon come from the North during the annual rainy season.

Every year Ayuthaya suffers from flooding in the rainy season and this causes the city huge financial losses in both tourism and the industrial sector.