Army chief acknowledges retired top brass group’s request


BANGKOK, May 13— Army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha has acknowledged a letter submitted by the Rattha Bukkhon ‘State Citizens’ group, saying that the request needs to be studied in detail.

Gen Prayuth today said that he read the letter and thought that it is the other proposed idea, that may help resolve the ongoing political turmoil.

The request asks the armed forces to back the group’s move to seek His Majesty the King’s advice on ending the country’s deepening political crisis.

The army commander said that it is not a matter of whether or not the armed forces agree or disagree with the idea, but he explained that the proposed demand needed to be studied thoroughly by relevant officials to avoid any further conflict in the future.

However, Gen Prayuth complimented the group of retired high-ranking military officers on their good intention to help return peace to the country.

The Rattha Bukkhon, or ‘State Citizens,’ group led by Gen Saiyud Kerdphol consists of retired senior military officers. (MCOT online news)