AoT: Preparations in place to deal with Ebola virus


BANGKOK, Aug 21 — Airports of Thailand (AoT) President Makin Petplai has assured the Thai public that tightened preventive measures against the Ebola virus at all airports under AoT supervision are sufficient to bring the disease under control.

The AoT president stressed that the measures taken to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus at all AoT-supervised airports are equal to the standards applied as safety measures against terrorist attacks and natural disaster.

According to Mr Makin, AoT has coordinated with concerned agencies under the Ministry of Public Health by setting up checkpoints at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport to screen passengers arriving from foreign countries, especially where the deadly Ebola virus is spreading.

Mr Makin said no report was submitted by Suvarnabhumi Airport’s Health Control Checkpoint officials concerning a suspected Ebola case reportedly arrived in Myanmar transiting Thailand in order for the AoT to take further steps to control the spread.

AoT’s preventive control against Ebola includes separating passengers arriving with the temperatures higher than 38 degrees Celsius and showing signs of Ebola before sending them to the hospitals where the disease control plans were rehearsed and prepared to handle suspected cases of the virus.