AOT addresses airport food prices complaint


Bangkok – The Airports of Thailand (AOT) has addressed the pricing of food at airports under its supervision, after receiving complaints on social media recently.

The AOT, a public company that manages six of Thailand’s international airports, has issued an explanation on the expensive food issue at different airports.

In its explanation, the AOT says all food and beverages sold by a third party are allowed to be no more than 20 to 25 percent more expensive than prices in regular markets, with clear price labeling posted.

The AOT has been conducting a random probe to ensure all retailers comply with this regulation.  Retailers are also encouraged to sell their items at the same price as regular markets.

On the allegation that a bottle of water is being sold at 40 baht, the AOT claims all shops inside the airport are required to sell a bottle of 500 milliliter drinking water at 10 baht, while mineral water is sold at 25 to 50 baht per bottle.

The AOT has been encouraging food retailers to offer at least one affordable option, and promote the free drinking water fountains situated throughout the airports, as well as the option of a food court selling affordable meals as another choice for passengers.