Announcements no. 11 & 16: Cabinet terminated, permanent secretaries assigned ministers’ duties


BANGKOK, 23 May 2014 – The National Peace and Order Maintaining Council announced it was suspending the Constitution of Thailand B.E. 2550 but was leaving Article 2 intact, while the permanent secretaries of government ministries have been temporarily tasked with performing the functions of their respective ministers. 

Announcement number 11 of the council supersedes the previously released announcement no. 5, which concerned the temporary suspension of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand. In accordance with the later announcement, the status of the caretaker Cabinet is terminated, while the Senate will continue to perform its functions with the existing number of senators.

All courts of law maintain their power in deliberating cases and issuing judgements based on the law and the announcements of the National Peace and Order Maintaining Council. All independent organizations and other agencies stipulated by the B.E. 2550 charter shall continue to function.

In order to ensure orderly procedure and continuation in national administration, the permanent secretary of each ministry has been assigned to conduct duties in place of his/her respective minister until further notice, according to announcement number 16 from the council.