Announcement of new measures in preventing Ebola Virus entry


BANGKOK, 1 September 2014  – There’s been an announcement of new measures in closely observing and preventing the Ebola Virus finding its way into Thailand.

Ms. Treedao Apaiwong, has revealed that the Department of Health has announced its close observation of the foreign epidemic of the Ebola Virus after the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that there were already 2,615 infected patients and 1,427 deaths in some countries of north western Africa. The new measures come even though there has been no report of any such infection in Thailand.

The Department of Health, in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health then announced its new measures to prevent an outbreak of an Ebola Virus epidemic, where those who have traveled to countries already affected have to be investigated thoroughly and observed closely for twenty-one days for any sign of illness. Meanwhile people must be educated on how to take care of a patient, the means to report the incidence, knowledge of the Ebola Virus, and how to be prepared for any emergency situation. The measures are now in operation.