Adjustments to be made to contents in history and civic duties subjects at school


BANGKOK, 27 August 2014 – The Office of the Basic Education Commission has given a green light for schools to make adjustments to school hours and the contents in the history and civic duties subjects. 

According to OBEC Secretary-General Kamon Rotkhlai, the adjustments will allow the curricula to better accommodate changes being brought about as Thailand integrates into the ASEAN Economic Community. School hours will be reduced, and class hours will be determined by school executives as well as the homeroom teachers. Nonetheless, students at the elementary level are required to have no less than 1,000 class hours per year. Those in Mathayom 1-3 are required to have at least 1,200 hours per year, and students in Mathayom 4-6 are required to have at least 1,600 hours per year.

The adjusted contents for the elementary level’s history and civic duties subjects will be put into use in the second semester of education year 2014.