Abhisit casts doubt on effectiveness of Govt-BRN peace pact


BANGKOK, 3 March 2013 Leader of the Opposition Democrat Party Abhisit Vejjajiva has warned that the situation in the Deep South of Thailand may worsen if talks between the Thai government and the BRN insurgent group are proven ineffective. 

Mr. Abhisit said on Sunday that it remains difficult to rule if recent violent incidents in the southern border region were related to the Thai government-BRN peace pact, inked last week,

The Opposition leader stated that if the restoration of peace in the restive South is to bear fruit, both parties involved in the deal must work much harder to communicate the plan with various sides.

Mr. Abhisit conceded that he is concerned about the efficiency in the peace negotiation process as such an effort requires a charismatic negotiator, who really has what it takes for the job, otherwise violence may persist.

The Democrats leader went on to say that the party’s initial findings found representatives from the insurgent group were not from the any influential group in the violent-torn region.

He also noted that the government’s attempt to solve years of conflict through its collaboration with Malaysia may not easily succeed.