95 more Thai workers in Libya to arrive in Thailand by August 26


BANGKOK, 22 August 2014  – 95 more Thai workers in Libya would be returning to their home country, says the Labor Attache in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

According to Mr. Banyat Siripreecha, the Thai labor attache in the UAE, around 205 workers would be moved to Tunisia on the 25th before being transferred to the United Arab Emirates. However, only 95 workers out of this group would be returning home due to the limited number of available flights.

Full assistance would be provided by the Royal Thai Consulate in Dubai, who has agreed to fly them back to Thailand via Emirates Airlines, flights EK 748 and EK 384. Both flights are scheduled to arrive in the kingdom by August 26.

Meanwhile, the Facilitation Center for Thais in Libya, which has its branches both in Tunis and Dubai, managed to transfer a total of 444 workers to Dubai during August 1-19. The 95 remaining workers are expected to join this group on August 25, bringing the total number to 539, which would arrive in Thailand.

Another 110 workers are still waiting for an available flight to Thailand, as Emirates Airlines is unable to arrange additional flights at this point.