72 candidates apply for NRC seats on first day


BANGKOK, 14 August 2014 – The Election Commission (EC) has revealed that a total of 72 people nationwide have applied for membership in the National Reform Council (NRC) on the first day of the application period. 

EC Secretary-General Phuchong Nutrawong reported that 25 non-profit organizations and juristic entities today proposed up to 29 names of NRC candidates to the central EC office. Out of 11 categories of reform work available in the NRC, social reform saw seven applicants, the highest number, followed by political reform with five applicants.

At the provincial level, the EC received applications from 43 prospective candidates in 16 provinces. The province with the most applicants was Nakhon Sawan, at seven, followed by Phang Nga and Nong Bua Lamphu, with five names each.

No candidates from major political parties reportedly filed their applications on the first day. Meanwhile, a resolution was made by the National Anti-Corruption Commission to send Mr Vicha Mahakhun and Mr Sansern Poljiak, its own commissioner and secretary-general respectively, to contend for seats in the NRC.