500 Thai Muslims demonstrate in Yala to object massacre in Egypt


YALA, 23 August 2013 About 500 people from the Student Union Network, the Muslim Organization and the Civil Society Organization in the southern border provinces of Thailand today staged a protest in front of the central mosque of Yala province to condemn the continual killing of Muslim Brotherhood supporters demonstrating in Cairo. 

Thai student demonstrators, led by Danyal Abdulloh, representative of the Student Union Network carrying banners and placards condemning the violence by the Egyptian army, marched from the mosque to the Old Market Community in Yala Municipality, Muang District, Yala province.

Abdulloh said the Egyptian army had used weapons in an attempt to break up the demonstration, killing large numbers of innocent civilians since the 14th August 2013. He said Thai students and community members in Yala are protesting as a part of the Islamic community to make their point known and condemn the Egyptian government for its inhumane actions and to express their condolences to the innocent demonstrators who lost their lives in the situation.

The group submitted a letter to Prime Minister Yingluck through Pol Colonel Tawee Sodsong, secretary-general of the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Centre (SBPAC), expressing their objections against the actions of the Egyptian army towards the demonstrators in Egypt.