300,000 meth pills seized in Chiang Mai


CHIANG MAI, 14 July 2014 – Chiang Mai provincial military and police officials have jointly thwarted a narcotic ring from smuggling 300,000 ‘4G’ brand meth pills worth about 60 million baht into the Kingdom.

The officials spotted a suspicious white car with no license plate near Mae Jo University on Chiang Mai-Phrao Road. They said the vehicle immediately turned around and turned off its headlights once coming near the checkpoint, leading to a belief that the car would most definitely carry illegal items. They thus started chasing the vehicle.

Shortly after the pursuit began, a sack was thrown from the white car which was later found to contain the illicit drugs.

The officials stated the meth pills were likely belonged to the ‘Waa’ Syndicate, judging from the letters ‘WY’ on the pills and the ‘4G’ logo on the packing. They added that prices of meth pills have subsequently decreased at production sites outside Thailand after Thai police launched intensive eradication campaigns, making the smuggling tremendously more difficult.