3 villagers killed in gun attack in Yala


YALA, Feb 22 —  Three villagers were killed in a gun attack by assailants on motorcycle in Yala’s Kabang district, while an assistant village headman was shot dead in a rubber plantation in Yala’s Raman district.

Kabang district police said that three people – one man and two women – were latex buyers who were shot dead at 10.10am by assailants riding a motorcycle.

The victims were identified as Mr Akaphong Sanroj, 32, a resident of Yala along with Ms Thipwadee, 21 and Ms Duangduen Rombu, 35, both from Songkhla’s Saba Yoi district.

Police were investigating whether it was an insurgent-related attack.

Meanwhile, at around 10.15am, Raman district police said a murder was reported in a rubber plantation in Kero subdistrict. The victim was Mr Arsae Kateh, 41, who was an assistant village headman at Kapho’s Karubi subdistrict, Pattani.

According to an investigation, Mr Arsae was working in a rubber plantation while an unknown number of assailants shot him with unidentified guns. The police were investigating to see if the case was related to the ongoing insurgency.