29 people have registered for early voting in Yala so far


YALA, 17 January 2014  Only 29 people in Yala have so far registered to vote in the early election, with just a day left for the registration. 

The Election Commission earlier set January 13-17 as the registration for voters who would like to vote early. More people were expected to come and register for early voting at Yala City Municipality office on Friday.

Phonwatthana Thammasophon, head of the population registration section at the municipality, said that 17 people registered to exercise their votes early on Thursday, the highest number since the opening day. She expected more people to come to her office on Friday, as word spreads about the registration.

Ms. Phonwatthana said her office had not yet encountered any problems in registering the early voters. Most of the visitors to the office have all necessary documents; Ms. Phonwatthana asserted that all that her office needed was the 13-digit version of the voter’s citizen identification card.

Ms. Phonwatthana added that Yala residents could also visit Mueang Yala District Office and Betong Municipality Office to register. Most were choosing to come to the Yala City Municipality.

Those who registered to vote early will exercise their right on Sunday January 26, from 8 am until 3 pm, at the venue specified by the district’s election commission body.