251 gamblers arrested on night of World Cup final


BANGKOK, 15 July 2014 – The Royal Thai Police Officve has revealed that more than 5,000 gamblers have been arrested during the World Cup football period nationwide, and that 251 of those were nabbed on the night of the final between Argentina and Germany.

According to the police’s football gambling prevention and suppression center, almost 30,000 baht of betting money was seized in the night of the final match. The amount of bets placed on that match, according to bookmakers’ accounts seized by police, was almost 600,000 baht. 250,000 baht worth of assets were also seized from the bookmakers.

Since the beginning of the World Cup on June 13 until the final game last Sunday night, the police made 5,016 arrests and rounded up 5,069 people. 258 of this number were bookmakers, 4,678 were punters and 127 were betting sheet couriers. 12 million baht of betting money was also seized. A total of 2,223 football gambling websites were shut down.