250 Thais deceived into overseas work


BANGKOK, 6 August 2014 – The Director General of the Department of Employment has revealed that more than 250 workers were induced to work overseas in July, as a result of false promises.

According to the survey, a total of 13,411 Thai citizens had applied to work overseas. A workforce of 5,585 had gone to Europe, 5,413 workers had gone to the Middle East while groups of 1,968 , 238 and 173 Thais have sought their fortunes in North America, Africa and Australia respectively, said the Department of Employment Director-General Sumet Mahosod.

During the month most Thai citizens were rejected from South Korea since they were likely to be involved in human trafficking and prostitution.

Most Thai workers are lured by lucrative incomes and alleged good fortune.

Thai workers are however, warned of propaganda offering work in the foreign labor market by undocumented recruitment agencies.