Over 20 women arrested in Pattaya’s sex trade crackdown


Over 20 women and transgenders of different nationalities were rounded up in Pattaya early Friday morning in a city-wide crackdown on prostitution.

Thailand News - 25-02-17 1 PBS Over 20 women arrested in Pattaya’s sex trade crackdown1JPG

Police said that the arrested women and transgenders included Thais and nationals from Uganda and Madagascar. They were suspected of offering sex service to foreign tourists.

Pol Maj Netithorn Rattanasuchanan, chief inspector of Pattaya police, said the arrested suspects were taken to the police station to have their profiles checked and recorded.

If any of them were found to have entered the country illegal or involved in sex trade, he said they would face legal action and deportation. He vowed that the crackdown would continue until the sex trade was stopped.

The crackdown of suspected prostitutes followed a recent report in the Sun tabloid in Britain about flourishing sex trade in Pattaya, describing the city as the world’s biggest sex capital.

  • Alan Charles

    I am positive that all these supposed”illegal” bars, are not the ones controlled and owned by the police!!!!! No way, otherwise the B.M.W’s belonging to police and immigration would all disappear!!!!!

  • David Gillard

    have money but the police stop the honey

  • David Payne

    Only 20 ??????. They weren’t looking very hard. Lol

  • soidog

    When there is no money to send to Isaan or Udon Thani this idea will prove very unpopular
    if the people ever get a chance to vote.Twenty arrests smacks of tokenism to placate the naysayers until the next bright idea crackdown .

  • gwats1957

    These raids happen from time to time… you have to ‘cull the herd’ occasionally …….


  • soidog

    A lot of people across the social scale will be howling if the money dries up. Will visitors in search of culture and nature be as lucrative?

  • Ron

    I usually count about 300 on Beach Road every night I walk by. Why not use a water