108 million baht to be seized from former deputy minister


Bangkok – Thailand’s National Anti-Counter Corruption Commission (NACC) has found information supporting an unusual wealth claim against Sombat Uthaisang during his time as Deputy Minister of Interior and Adviser to the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.  The NACC has forwarded the case to the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) so that it may seek to seize 108 million baht from the politician.

Deputy Secretary-General Worawit Sukboon explained that, while Sombat submitted 9 accounts of his and his spouse’s assets and wealth to the NACC for review during his tenure in public office and as President of TOT Public Co Ltd, he failed to submit those of his progeny and their spouses and it is believed by the NACC that he deliberately did so to conceal his true wealth.

Of 106.291 million baht found in a Government Housing Bank account belonging to his three children, Sombat was only able to explain the origin of 15 million baht.  All in all, 108.574 million baht of unexplained funds have been tied to the former deputy minister.

The Office of the Attorney General will take the matter to the Supreme Court in order that the unexplained assets can be seized by the state.