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Burmese fisherman rescued from Sattahip Bay

The Royal Thai Navy rescued a Burmese fisherman who jumped overboard to escape a group of Cambodian crewmembers. The HTMS Pattani pulled the...

Storm sinks fishing boats in Sattahip

Four fishing boats sank when a thunderstorm blew through Sattahip Bay. High pressure over China pushed a cold front through Thailand Jan. 28,...

Hordes of jellyfish invade Sattahip Bay

Scuba divers and beachgoers beware: Perhaps as many as a million jellyfish have moved into Sattahip Bay making a day at the beach...

Navy releases 800 turtles for HM the Queen’s birthday

The Royal Thai Navy released 800 turtles and 80,000 fish into Sattahip Bay to honor HM Queen Sirikit as she celebrates the start of...

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