The ashes of the late actor Tridsadee “Por” Sahawong were scattered in Sattahip Bay with the help of the Royal Thai Navy. Navy officials and family members joined a religious ceremony at the Prince Chumphon Shrine in Prince Chumphon Garden, Sattahip, where 10 monks from Sattahip...
Images on social media about a suspected bomb at Bali Hai pier on Tuesday afternoon prompted messages from people all over the world to check on the wellbeing of loved ones in Pattaya. The images showed members of the army, local police, and...

Sattahip cadets practice Fancy Drill routines

Wednesday, 27 January 2016 13:10
The Royal Thai Navy’s education chief reviewed a squad of Sattahip cadets preparing for the next Navy Fancy Drill performance. Vice Adm. Pichet Thanasret called on Capt. Virath Somjit, director of the Chumphon Navy School, Jan. 18 to review the sailors participating in the 10-man drill...

Eastern border-patrol squadrons rotate

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 11:46
The Royal Thai Navy rotated its border-patrol fleet covering the coast from Sattahip to Chantaburi and Trat. Vice Adm. Sucheep Whoungmaitree presided over the rotation ceremony Dec. 30. Ships will patrol the eastern seas from Jan. 1 to March 15. The patrol squadron consists of the HTMS...

New navy vests repel both bullets & water

Wednesday, 10 September 2014 15:23
A Royal Thai Navy sailor died recently when he fell into the Mekong River after being shot. He didn’t die from the gunshot, but from drowning. Unable to swim, the sailor was wearing a bulletproof vest that became waterlogged and pulled him under....
An example of what the NCPO wants: Only one row of beach chairs at the very back of the sandy area, arranged in a military-friendly orderly line with the rest of the sand clean and available for tourists.
The Royal Thai Navy continued its effort to repopulate the Gulf of Thailand’s battered marine ecosystem, again releasing hundreds of turtles into the wild for HM the King’s birthday.
The Royal Thai Navy’s 2nd Frigate Squadron mobilized four warships for its end-of-year war games. Rear Adm. Ratsadang Theeranet dispatched the HTMS Kraburi, Saiburi, Naresuan and Taksin Nov. 1 in the last naval exercise of the year. The exercise is an annual training for sailors, equipment...

Navy’s latest patrol boat put into service

Wednesday, 04 September 2013 15:33
The Royal Thai Navy put its latest patrol boat into service, adding to forces assigned to Thailand’s exclusive zone for drilling, fishing and natural resources.
Panic hit a Sattahip neighborhood where someone left an old antitank weapon in front of a wealthy businessman’s home.
Cleanup workers frantically fight a losing battle, trying to keep oil from ruining Ao Prao beach in front of Le Vimarn Cottages & Spa on Samet Island.  About 50 tons of crude oil spilled into the sea off Rayong province Saturday morning, July 27, after...
A Royal Thai Navy division is giving the recycling business a twist, opening a barter-based shop where military personnel trade recyclables for home staples.

2013 CARAT exercise sweeps through Sattahip

Wednesday, 12 June 2013 17:33
A soldier hits the deck, ready for anything, as Thai and American naval forces blast it out near Sattahip in the annual CARAT joint military exercise, which ran from June 3-12.
Veterinarians from Chulalongkorn University are trying to nurse a sick sea turtle rescued by the Royal Thai Navy on Dongtan Beach back to health. Doctors from the Aquatic Animal Health Research Institute were called May 25 to the navy’s Sea Turtle Conservation Center in Sattahip after...

Hundreds pitch in to clean Dongtan Beach

Wednesday, 05 June 2013 17:01
More than 250 Royal Thai Navy personnel and students picked up garbage and cleaned Dongtan Beach as part of the Air and Coastal Defense Command’s “Clean Ocean and Rivers” campaign.
Government and Royal Thai Navy officials marked the 90th anniversary of the death of “father of the Thai navy” at separate Sattahip ceremonies. Royal Thai Marine Corp commander Adm. Khanat Thongpool presided over a May 19 garland presentation ceremony to Adm. Abhakara Kiartivongse, prince of Chumphon,...

Navy takes delivery of 3 patrol boats

Wednesday, 22 May 2013 16:39
The Royal Thai Navy took delivery of three new patrol boats to guard the coastline and provide security for the royal family. Navy commander Adm. Surasak Runroengrom accepted the vessels from shipbuilder Marsun Co. May 16 at the Sattahip Naval Base’s Laem Thien Pier....
Another 100 Sattahip residents escaped jail sentences for drug charges when they agreed to enter a 10-day “behavior modification camp” run by the Royal Thai Navy aimed at rehabilitating them.
Royal Thai Navy commander Adm. Surasak Runroengrom traveled to Sattahip to visit three marines injured in last month’s deadly bomb blast. The commander presented gift baskets to petty officers first-class Sayan Inbut, Thongchai Suyuwong and Sarawuth Tapanannont at Queen Sirikit Naval Medical Center May 9.
Eighty students from across Thailand enjoyed a week of sports and tourist attractions during a nine-day anti-drug camp organized by the Royal Thai Navy.
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