Rayong prison

Rayong Prison issues stay for feline inmates

Wednesday, 27 February 2013 16:02
Rayong Prison officials have dropped plans to rid the penitentiary of hundreds of stray cats, saying feline inmates’ impact on rodent populations and prisoners’ moods offsets any health risk.
More than 200 police and military officers recovered nearly 70 knives, seven tasers and 26 packs of cards in a raid of Rayong Prison. The Rayong Internal Security Operations Command organized the Feb. 6 inspection, which also used volunteers to toss jail cells looking for guns,...
Five people were arrested and an arsenal of military-grade weapons seized after Region 2 police reportedly passed up a 1 million baht bribe and broke up a gang suspected of dealing drugs and death at Rayong Prison.
  Huay Yai police intervened in an operation to smuggle mobile phones into the Rayong prison. They captured two men who were at the time secreting 30 mobile phones into a recess in a refrigerator.