Puchong Nutrawong

BANGKOK 28 March 2014  The Election Commission (EC) Secretary General has invited the general public to cast their votes during the senatorial election on March 30 , assuring there would be no election obstructions. Election Commission Secretary-General Puchong Nutrawong stated that he...
overnment to hold a general election in 60 days or invite political parties to reach an agreement on the new balloting date after the Constitutional Court decided yesterday to annul the Feb 2 poll, according to an election commissioner.

EC endorses military reshuffle list

Thursday, 13 March 2014 14:51
BANGKOK, 13 March 2014 The Election Commission (EC) has approved the military reshuffle, which sees more than 200 high-ranking military officers transferred. 
BANGKOK, March 4 – The Election Commission (EC) will today officially seek the Constitutional Court’s ruling on its disagreement with the government concerning a royal decree to call for new elections in 28 constituencies in Thailand’s South.
BANGKOK, Feb 27 – The Election Commission (EC) will seek a Constitution Court’s ruling on whether a royal decree would be required to hold new elections in 28 unsuccessful constituencies in Thailand’s South.
BANGKOK, 13 February 2014  The Election Commission has announced that the general election for senators is set to be held on March 30 and advance voting will take place on March 23. 
BANGKOK, Feb 12 – The Election Commission (EC) has set April 20 and 27 for new elections in constituencies where the Feb 2 general election was unsuccessful.
BANGKOK, 9 February 2014 The Election Commission (EC) is preparing to recommend that the Prime Minister can issue another royal decree setting new election dates and MP candidate registration. 
BANGKOK, Jan 30 - The Election Commission (EC) has set Feb 23 for the advance election in constituencies where balloting was disrupted last Sunday.
BANGKOK, Jan 27 – Thailand's caretaker prime minister and the country's Election Commission (EC) chairman are scheduled to meet tomorrow to discuss the possibility of postponing the Feb 2 general election.
BANGKOK, Jan 22 – The Election Commission (EC) has unanimously agreed to seek the Constitution Court’s ruling on whether the general election, set for Feb 2, can be postponed.
BANGKOK, Jan 22 – The Election Commission (EC) has turned down the government’s request to seek additional loans to subsidise the controversial rice pledging scheme, saying it lacks the authority to do so.

Election ballots not burnt; report in error

Tuesday, 21 January 2014 11:26
BANGKOK, Jan 21 – Anti-government protesters did not burn election ballots during their seizure of Kurusapa printing house as earlier alleged, according to the Election Commission (EC).
BANGKOK, 19 January 2014  Election Commission ofThailand representatives will today visit the Kurusapa Publishing House after it was broken in over the weekend by anti-government protesters to destroy the election ballots. The protesters also chained the building’s entry doors shut to prevent officials...
BANGKOK, Jan 14 - Thailand's Election Commission (EC) will not attend the government-initiated forum tomorrow to discuss a proposed delay of the Feb 2 general election, a member said today.
BANGKOK, 6 January 2014 The Election Commission (EC) is hosting a meeting of political parties’ accountants to give them guidelines and regulations on election expenses of political parties and candidates. Accountants and financial officers from 38 political parties as well as provincial members of...
BANGKOK, 30 December 2013 38 constituencies in 8 southern provinces are still unable to register election candidates due to obstructions from political demonstrators. 
BANGKOK, 29 December 2013, The Election Commission (EC) has announced that registration for constituency-based candidates in 8 southern provinces might be cancelled again for the second time, as demonstrators continue to block the venues. 
BANGKOK, 23 December 2013 The Election Commission (EC) has decided not to assign numbers to party-list candidates today as many political parties are still unable to access the registration venue to submit their list of candidates. 
BANGKOK, 20 December 2013 The Election Commission has prepared a contingency plan to ensure smooth operations on the general election date on February 2. 
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