Pongthep Thepkanchana

BANGKOK, 17 February 2014  The Election Commission (EC) has expressed willingness to mull over various suggestions from the government concerning the re-elections in 28 constituencies in the South but indicates that the voting will likely take place after March 2. 
BANGKOK, Feb 10 – Election Commission (EC) member Somchai Srisuthiyakorn said today he will discuss measures with the government to complete the general election within the required deadline imposed by the Constitution.
BANGKOK, Feb 5 – The government is pressing the Election Commission (EC) to complete the nationwide election to enable the opening of Parliament on March 4, as required by law.
BANGKOK, Jan 31 – Caretaker Deputy Prime Minister Pongthep Thepkanchana has asserted that elections in troubled or disrupted constituencies can be organised again after Sunday and the law does not restrict the polls to be held on a single day.
BANGKOK, Jan 20 – The blockade of government-run Kurusapa printing shop, responsible for printing election ballots, will not jeopardise the approaching election, caretaker Deputy Prime Minister Pongthep Thepkanchana has reassured.
BANGKOK, 16 January 2014  Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra asserted during the reform forum that she was willing to listen to opinions from all sides while she was suggested by the private organizations to allow for a reform before holding the general election.
BANGKOK, Jan 14 - Thailand's Election Commission (EC) will not attend the government-initiated forum tomorrow to discuss a proposed delay of the Feb 2 general election, a member said today.
BANGKOK, 13 January 2014 Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has assigned her deputy Pongthep Thepkanchana to invite all relevant parties to a discussion about the possibility of postponing the general election as requested by the Election Commission (EC). 
BANGKOK, 27 December 2013 - Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra called an urgent meeting in Chiang Mai after the Election Commission proposed that the February 2 general election should be postponed. 
BANGKOK, 10 November 2013 The Office of the Ombudsman of Thailand will submit a report to the cabinet and Parliament on the government's refusal to review the decision to issue a new passport former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. 
BANGKOK, 5 August 2013 Following a discussion with Deputy Prime Minister Pongthep Thepkanchana, chairman of the Independent Commission on National Rule of Law Ukrit Mongkolnavin proposed that a national administrative advisory council be set up to ease the ongoing tension in the political arena. 
BANGKOK, 30 April 2013 Education Minister Pongthep Thepkanchana has called on all sectors to pitch into the effort of solving student brawls, and suggests that those who commit severe offense be expelled from their place of study. 
BANGKOK, 25 January 2013 As violence continues plaguing the three southernmost provinces, educators in the restive region have reportedly come up with a proposal requesting higher compensations to boost morale of teachers and related personnel working in the area. 
BANGKOK, Dec 11 -  Following the killing of two teachers in a Pattani school today, Deputy Prime Minister/Education Minister Pongthep Thepkanchana conceded that the lack of security personnel in the school compound was a security lapse which led to the latest violence against teachers. 

Students oppose alcohol near schools

Friday, 30 November 2012 13:21
BANGKOK, 29 November - A student prohibitionist group has pressed for the Ministry of Education to draw up and enforce new measures to ban any sale of alcohol near schools.

Government braces for parliamentary censure

Thursday, 22 November 2012 16:31
BANGKOK, Nov 22 – Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra called a meeting of Pheu Thai party cabinet members to work out preparations for the no-confidence debate triggered by the opposition Democrat party.

PM oversees national security in new cabinet

Friday, 02 November 2012 16:55
BANGKOK, Nov 2 - Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra delegated responsibilities to her newly-appointed deputy premiers and ministers at the first meeting of the newly-reshuffled cabinet, with national security affairs to be her own direct concern.