Pairoj Malakul Na Ayuthaya

Separating garbage has joined reading, writing and arithmetic on the syllabus at Sattahip District’s Navy School where students are manning a “recycling bank” to raise funds for the school, as well as raise environmental awareness.

Food vendors briefed on sanitation laws

Wednesday, 06 March 2013 14:43
About 80 Sattahip-area bureaucrats and restaurateurs were briefed on food-safety laws at a sanitation knowledge and consumer-protection seminar in Khet Udomsak.

Khao Kantamas Temple marks Children’s Day

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 17:13
Khao Kantamas Temple marked Children’s Day with calls from public officials for youngsters to be responsible. Khet Udomsak Mayor Pairoj Malakul Na Ayuthaya presided over the Jan. 10 event attended by parents, public officials and bureaucrats.
A former Khet Udomsak city councilman will challenge Mayor Pairoj Malakul Na Ayuthaya in the Sattahip town’s Nov. 25 election.

Rayong schools shut during HFMD outbreak

Wednesday, 01 August 2012 15:55
Administrators check young children for signs of hand, foot and mouth disease at the Ya Pa Yub Child Development Center in Khet Udomsak.  The center closed when 93 cases were discovered there.  Rayong thus far has been hardest hit by the outbreak, with 384 infected...
More than 1,000 Sattahip students learned how to prevent fires in a Khet Udomsak workshop.
Khet Udomsak officials pulled the plug on a suspected illegal digging operation only discovered after residents complained about dirt-hauling trucks.