250 military, police officers sweep Koh Larn

Wednesday, 16 March 2016 12:49
About 250 police officers, soldiers, sailors and local administrators swept through nine places on Koh Larn, looking for illegal drugs and registering migrant workers and drivers of public-transport vehicles in the latest concerted effort at boosting safety for tourists.

Koh Larn remains popular with Chinese

Wednesday, 28 October 2015 12:55
Undeterred by August’s Bangkok bombings and recent reports of the rape and accidental death their countrymen in Pattaya, Chinese tourists continue to flock to the area and in particular, Koh Larn.

Two disasters at sea narrowly averted

Wednesday, 03 June 2015 14:54
Speedboats swarm to the rescue to evacuate tourists as smoke billows from the engine room of the Rungorawan 2. Two disasters at sea were narrowed averted when quick rescue efforts saved nearly 200 lives. Over 100 Chinese tourists were evacuated from the Rungorawan 2 when...
Deputy Prime Minister Yukol Limamthong joined city officials and police in a snap inspection of Koh Larn marine operators aimed at ending Pattaya’s string of deadly boat accidents.

Deadly sunken ferry raised from Pattaya Bay

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 16:03
Pattaya salvage teams have raised the Koh Larn Travel ferry that capsized early this month, killing seven tourists and injuring dozens more.
Initial reports state that six people, including two Russians, one Chinese and three Thais, drowned when an overloaded ferry returning to Pattaya from Koh Larn capsized.
Bloody finger of incrimination again pointed at fast-talking, slow-acting marine regulators A captain high on methamphetamines was behind the wheel when a passenger ferry capsized and sank off Koh Larn, killing six Thai and foreign tourists.
Initial reports state that six people, including two Russians, one Chinese and three Thais, drowned when an overloaded ferry returning to Pattaya from Koh Larn capsized. The 2-storey boat, which allegedly had a max capacity of 150 people, was believed to be crowded with...
The drivers of two boats involved in last month’s collision of two speedboats off Koh Larn are pointing fingers at each other, denying they caused the accident that injured 18 South Korean tourists along with a South Korean tour guide and a Thai guide.

Mayor outlines city budget for business group

Wednesday, 19 December 2012 17:00
Pattaya has requested 1.7 billion baht in funding from the national government for 2013-14, hoping to use the money to boost worker salaries and fund a myriad of infrastructure projects.
The son-in-law of a Koh Larn hotel owner was arrested for possession of an illegal gun. Wannarat Boonyarit, 39, was taken into custody Nov. 27 by patrol officers who spotted him lurking in the shadows near the Long Talay Resort. Officers found a loaded .22 Magnum...

HTMS Mataphon sinks off Koh Larn

Wednesday, 24 October 2012 16:12
A barge with heavy crane tows the HTMS Mataphon out to its new home off Koh Larn, were the ship was sunk to begin its new “mission” as an underwater diving site near Koh Larn.  Officials said the sinking will help restore the marine ecosystem...
One person was injured when an apparently overloaded speedboat carrying 27 South Korean tourists sank as it returned from Koh Larn. The “Seaworld,” outfitted to carry 24 people, sank less than 200 meters from Bali Hai Pier after developing a leak in its deck. All the...
Pictures portraying Koh Larn as the “Heaven of the East” won first place in Pattaya’s second-annual photo contest.
City and Provincial Waterworks Authority officials are considering a plan to pipe water from Pattaya to Koh Larn.
A Cambodian construction worker has been arrested for the stabbing death of a countryman during a drunken argument on Koh Larn.
A Pattaya City Council committee told Marine Department and Koh Larn administrative officials to better regulate their respective jurisdictions as both areas were becoming the subject of numerous complaints.
What could be more appropriate for a man who has embraced the sea all his life, than to leave Thailand with a unique achievement? Malcolm Humphreys, alias The Old Man and the Sea (courtesy, Ernest Hemingway) or the Ancient Mariner (courtesy, Samuel Taylor Coleridge), last...
Mayor says island protesters misinformed; land concession, deforestation legal Pattaya officials have halted development of four plots of land on Koh Larn as inspectors investigate protests by island residents that private companies had violated property boundaries and environmental laws.
Editor; I was heartened by the first page item about Koh Larn residents protesting at City Hall over illegal developments on the island - I emailed a local condo project, but not surprisingly received no reply to this.
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