More than two years after pledging that Pattaya jet ski operators would be required to carry insurance in order to end the rampant extortion and intimidation of tourists, city officials are promising the plan actually will become reality by month’s end.
Pattaya officials were warned the city faces being boycotted by Indian tourists if they don’t put an end to jet ski scams once and for all. Pattaya City Hall called an emergency meeting last weekend to address the problem, as tourist police reported the number...
The Pattaya Marine Department and a marine police unit from Chachoengsao launched a beachfront inspection from Soi 2 to Walking Street in Pattaya Aug. 23, checking permits, boat-driving licenses and jet ski condition.

Indian hits Russian, on dry land, with jet ski

Wednesday, 05 February 2014 16:50
A Russian woman was injured after being hit on dry land by a jet ski driven by an Indian tourist.
Eleven months after they kidnapped, robbed and raped two Russian women on Christmas night 2012, an accused murderer, a Pattaya jet ski vendor and a third man have been sentenced to more than a combined 100 years in prison.

Jet ski causes accident on Thepprasit Road

Wednesday, 31 July 2013 17:16
A pickup truck was damaged but no one was hurt when a jet ski went for an unexpected ride in the middle of Thepprasit Road.
Two jet ski operators who extorted 42,000 baht from two Indian medical students have been forced to return most of their ill-gotten gains.
Resolution of Pattaya’s long-running jet ski scandal will be delayed at least another three months as city officials settle disagreements over insurance coverage.
The committee tasked with resolving Pattaya’s long-running jet ski scandal has approved a revised insurance scam that would force watercraft vendors to carry policies covering a minimum 50,000 baht for damage, death and total disability.
An accused murderer, a Pattaya jet ski vendor and a third man have been arrested for allegedly kidnapping, robbing and raping two Russian women Christmas night.
Jomtien Beach jet ski operators are taking steps to self-regulate their businesses, creating operation zones, setting prices and penalties for breaking the rules.
Officials inspect and take photos of jet skis along Pattaya Beach in an attempt to end the national embarrassment of jet ski scams.
Pattaya officials plan to require jet ski operators to carry insurance that, they hope, will end the extortion scams that have ravaged the city’s image. At a Sept. 17 meeting of the emergency committee formed to resolve the long-running issue, Chonburi Gov. Khomsan Ekachai said Thaisri...
The committee established to resolved Pattaya’s jet ski problems would take the first step toward ending the never-ending series of scams by restricting operators to a centralized, monitored parking zone.
India warns tourists, expresses doubts over Pattaya officials’ commitment Chonburi’s governor has established yet another committee to discuss regulations aimed the endless series of tourist scams perpetrated by Pattaya’s jet ski operators.

Don’t complain unless you offer solutions

Thursday, 09 August 2012 10:49
Editor; I was taught by a very smart boss who got things done... Don’t complain unless you offer solutions. I suggest all parking on Pattaya Tai Road be eliminated on BOTH sides of the street 24 hours per day. Create taxi stops for the songtaews to...
Pattaya officials plan to call yet another meeting with jet ski operators to try and resolve the embarrassing, long-running stream of scams and rip-offs marring the city’s image.
From the ongoing jet ski scam crisis to crippling traffic, area law-enforcement agencies were quizzed on how they plan to solve Pattaya’s many obstacles to the Prime Minister’s goal of increasing Thailand’s tourism revenue to 2 trillion baht annually by 2015.
Provincial police acknowledge problems, offer no resolutions Newly re-elected Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome launched his second term with a meeting with Pattaya police to resolve long-running issues threatening the safety of city residents and tourists.
Area police arrested seven men suspected of dealing drugs to Pattaya jet ski vendors and tourist guides.
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