Fireworks, merit-making usher in 2016

Wednesday, 06 January 2016 15:11
Thais and tourists brought in 2016 in a grand celebration mixing music, fireworks and religious ceremonies. The focal point of New Year’s Eve in Pattaya was squarely at Bali Hai Pier, where this year’s shortened Pattaya Countdown came to a raucous close after three nights of...
Fireworks punctuate the end of the national anthem, with singing being led by Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome and city leaders, as thousands of people gathered at Bali Hai in South Pattaya to pay their highest respects and best wishes for HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great...
Royal yellows and blossoming flowers filled the skies over Pattaya as the International Fireworks Festival delighted residents and tourists. The Nov. 27-28 event met the goals of city planners, as Pattaya’s streets, beaches and hotels were packed for the annual pyrotechnics exhibition.
China, Japan, the Philippines and South Korea will show off their pyrotechnic expertise at the Pattaya International Fireworks Festival Nov. 27-28. The annual two-day spectacular also will include a street fair along Beach Road featuring “flash mob shows”, games, and kiosks where photographs can be taken...
BANGKOK, 16 November 2015  – Police, soldiers, provincial officials and related security officials are clamping down on illegal fireworks in Lamphun province. Authorities inspected the Nong Dok market in Lamphun province to ensure that vendors were not illegally selling fireworks before the allocated period. Authorities found 2...
The night sky above Pattaya Bay became a canvas that four European countries painted with exploding rockets and lasers for more than 200,000 people at the Pattaya International Fireworks Festival.
Four new countries will compete to see who can put on the best pyrotechnics show as the Pattaya International Fireworks Competition returns for a fifth year this weekend.
BANGKOK, 21 December 2013  – The Defense Ministry is playing host to activities celebrating His Majesty the King’s 86th birthday anniversary. The event is set to commence in Hua Hin at 5pm this evening . 

Spectacular fireworks light the bay

Wednesday, 04 December 2013 16:24
The night sky over Pattaya Bay, from the Dusit peninsula to Bali Hai, was brightened by amazingly brilliant fireworks last weekend, when teams from 4 countries put on a colorful show for the annual Pattaya International Fireworks Festival.
Four countries again will compete for the best pyrotechnics show as the Pattaya International Fireworks Competition returns for a fourth year Nov. 29-30.
Pattaya residents will march, run and light candles to honor HM the King on his 86th birthday Dec. 5. Athletes will leave the starting line first, running through downtown beginning at 3:30 p.m. before turning over Beach Road to the annual Father’s Day parade at 5...
Banning fireworks and floating lanterns on Loy Krathong usually has as much effect as banning PVC water cannons on Songkran, but Pattaya police are trying again anyway, promising to arrest anyone having unlicensed pyrotechnic fun.
Despite losing most of its participants last year, the International Fireworks Competition will be back for a fourth year in Pattaya Nov. 29-30. City officials decided Sept. 6 to revive the event, which was backed in 2010-11 by the Ministry of Defense and floundered without government...
Fabulous fireworks light up Pattaya Bay during this year’s 2-day International Fireworks Festival.  The entire Beach Road was shut down to traffic to allow revelers to enjoy musical entertainment, along with food stalls and a flea market.
Pattaya officials are planning traditional and athletic events to mark HM the King’s 85th birthday Dec. 5. At an Oct. 12 planning meeting at city hall, Deputy Mayor Wattana Chantanawaranon said Pattaya’s Father’s Day commemoration would be split into two parts, with ceremonies to pay respect...
The new year exploded across Pattaya in a shower of fireworks and traditional celebrations as the city counted down to 2012.
Pattaya’s week-long countdown to the New Year ticks off its final seconds Saturday with explosives and a Bodyslam.

Recording the New Year fireworks

Wednesday, 28 December 2011 15:00
I was reminded of the tricks in shooting fireworks when we had the fireworks extravaganza a couple of weekends ago.  I should have written this then, but never late than never, we (that’s you) will have plenty of opportunities over New Year (be that the...
The United States won Pattaya’s International Fireworks Competition, capping two days of pyrotechnics that thrilled thousands of tourists and locals.
Hold your ears and open your eyes as nine nations light up the Pattaya sky for the final round of the Thailand International Fireworks Contest this weekend.
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