Pattaya Sports Club Fishing Report

Friday, 21 December 2012 From Issue Vol. XX No. 51 By  Dene Mundy

Six regulars set out from Sattahip Pier at 07:00 on Thursday, November 22 in calm waters and sunny skies.  The fish must have been waiting for us as we started hauling up good sized snapper, yellow tail and grouper minutes after we arrived at our first fishing spot.  And they didn’t stop biting all day!  

John and Marnie took home close to 20 kilos and I had around 16 kilos (aided by the captain who caught the only sweetlip cod of 2½ kilos).  Charlie landed several large grouper over 1 kilos in his bag catch of over 10 kilos.  Jeff and John also had good catches of 6 to 8 kilos.  A really good day’s fishing was had by all.

As I had departed for Australia on 27 November, the trip on December 1 was handled by Jeff Doutch and assisted by Peter Hyland.  Six regulars participated in this outing and I have little information other than Jeff reported it was a great day with everyone happy with their bag catches.

Jeff also supervised the trip on December 6 comprising seven participants.  Again I have limited info about this outing which must have been successful as I have not heard of any complaints since my return on 11 Dec.

A special charter trip organized by Jeff on behalf of Jason and his Ban Chang mates went out on December 7.  The captain told Jeff everybody had reasonable catches and were happy with the day’s outing.  Jeff concluded this was so as evidenced by the “dead-marines” (empty beer bottles).

Many thanks to Jeff and Peter for taking over the helm in my absence.  It was greatly appreciated.  I am looking forward to joining the next trip scheduled for 15 December and our last trip for the year on 20 December.  Hopefully, I will have some photos for inclusion in the next article.

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