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Friday, 25 January 2013 From Issue Vol. XXI No. 4 By  Dene Mundy

2012 proved to be a successful year fishing wise.  Although the second half of the year was fraught with bad weather, we managed to conduct 55 trips for the year with only one trip cancelled due to stormy conditions.  There were seven charter trips conducted in addition to our four monthly scheduled trips.

This year got off to a good start with our first trip on 8 January comprising 8 anglers.  Six were regular members and we welcomed Marty Immelman, a new participant, and Colin Cave who has only had one trip previously.

Lijie Cao was the champion angler on Jan. 12.Lijie Cao was the champion angler on Jan. 12.

We set out in perfect weather conditions with hardly a ripple on the water.  Fishing was a little slow to start with but picked up until around 11:30 a.m. when the light breeze we had all morning changed into fairly strong winds.  This caused the boat to move more quickly during drift fishing, resulting in us changing to heavy 350 gram weights to hold the bottom.

I lost my notes for this trip but as I recall no large sweetlip cod were caught but we all had reasonable bag catches of 4-6 kilos and upwards comprising our usual good sized grouper, yellow tail and pla dang.  There were only a few snapper landed for the day, nevertheless we all agreed it was a great outing.  It was nice to receive an email subsequently from Colin saying how much he enjoyed the day.  As I had no photo for the trip, I have included one of John O’Neil from the last trip in December with the sweetlip cod he landed.

Our second trip on Saturday 12 January also had 8 participants.  A warm welcome to Murray Metcalfe and Lijie Cao who previously had booked on the only trip we had to cancel in 2012 due to inclement weather.

The weather was again terrific and we got off to a good start with Murray catching the first fish for day, a one kilo sweet lip cod.  Lijie was the champ for the day landing a 2 kilo cod and also 4 on one line as shown in the photo.

We all had excellent bag catches for the day with John & Marnie having 12-15 kilos and several of us with only 1 or 2 kilos less.  The snapper, grouper and yellow tail caught were a little larger than previous trips.

This was our last trip from Sattahip as the boat relocated back to Bang Saray for future trips and we farewelled the area with a few refreshments at a pleasant restaurant adjacent to the pier.

Sadly the years have caught up with me and I have had to relinquish my position as PSC fishing chairman after nearly 3 years of very happy times.  Fortunately, we have a very capable chairman, John O’Neill, who will take over the helm for future trips starting Tuesday 22 January.  Thank you John, I know you will do a good job and I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Best wishes for good fishing in the future and many thanks to all my friends who have made the last three years so memorable.

John O’Neil with his sweetlip cod.John O’Neil with his sweetlip cod.

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