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Friday, 02 March 2012 From Issue Vol. XX No. 9 By  Capt. Dene

The trip on Feb. 16 was arranged for PSC member Richard Allen for his five overseas visiting friends (PSC members) and an accompanying friend, Maha, a lovely lady from the Philippines.  A fine group of guys and a pleasant lass - all of whom would be welcome at any future time.

I went along on the trip to ensure all went well – there was no need however as these guys looked after themselves and enjoyed the fishing interspersed with a few brown ales from time to time.  I found out later they were in the shipping, marine and cargo industry and they knew more about fishing than me.

Richard Allen’s friends enjoy their Feb. 16 fishing trip. Richard Allen’s friends enjoy their Feb. 16 fishing trip.

All enjoyed the trip with the exception of Maha who, on her maiden voyage, found out she was not a good sailor, spending most of the day lying on the bunk with a plastic bag ready at hand.

The guys all caught a good quantity of our usual pladang, snapper & grouper.  Three of them are pictured with one of the eight large 1–2 kilo blue spotted cod which were added to the catch.

John shows off two of his better catches on the day. John shows off two of his better catches on the day.

Maha recovered well on the way home and we were welcomed by Richard & his wife at the pier.  He graciously invited me to join them for refreshments and dinner at a nearby seafood restaurant in Bang Saray.  It was a lovely dinner and great company.  Many thanks and a warm welcome any time you wish to go again.

On Feb. 18, seven of us set out at our regular 07:00 time on pristine waters and we started fishing at around 8:30 at our regular location about 3km out.  The fish were biting well and we all had decent catches when the weather did a 180º turn.  Within minutes there were strong winds and quite choppy seas followed quickly by heavy rain – quite a tropical squall.  The captain steered the vessel slowly through the waves for the next 90 minutes while we all took shelter in the cabin, kitchen and skipper’s quarters.  The wind and the rains then abated followed by quieter waters and we were soon all fishing happily again.

A special welcome to 2 newcomers today - Andre (Belgian) and Eddy (Welsh) – good guys!  Bag catches were average with the usual grouper, snapper & yellow tail and pictured hereunder is John with just 2 of the better fish in his bag.

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