Bangkok real estate students given primer on Pattaya development

Friday, 02 March 2012 From Issue Vol. XX No. 9 By  Vittaya Yoondorn/Pattaya Mai

Students from Bangkok’s The Real Estate Business School were recently given a primer on Pattaya’s booming property development industry in a city hall meeting.

Pattaya City Councilman Praiwan Aaronson led the lecture and tour for the 13 students and staffers from TREBS, a specialized school devoted to multidisciplinary study of real estate management, valuation, surveying and property development.

Praiwan Aaromsun. Praiwan Aaromsun.

The group watched a presentation on Pattaya’s changing landscape and general zoning with a discussion on real estate development and evaluation trends following.  The conversation focused on higher land values near the shoreline, the split between foreign and Thai buyers and the approval process for new condominium projects.

Paiwan gave the students a general history lesson on the city and the government’s role in managing development, spotlighting legal action against encroachment into restricted zones.  He then led the students on a tour of city hall.

TREBS students attend the real estate seminar at Pattaya City Hall. TREBS students attend the real estate seminar at Pattaya City Hall.

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