Ode to the Royal Varuna Commodores

Young Walter Meyer founded us, many years ago At the Cosmopolitan Restaurant, a place that some would know Three other persons joined him, with the same intent
To found a club for boating and seek a place to rent
In 1957, the Varuna Marine Club started, on a fateful day And soon had seen a club-house, on the shores of Pattaya Bay
Mom Chao Bhisadej Rajanee was the sailing overlord The Venerable Walter Meyer was the chairman of the board

A little short of cash flow, to rent the property Walter borrowed from his wife, 2,000 baht, no fee
First treasurer, Rachiman Gintzberger, approved well of this loan, Which guaranteed the fledgling club would have a seaside home

Walter served the Marine Club well, until 1964  When Sid Watkins took the helm as the second Commodore. It was thus in 1965, that Sid had set the stage For His Majesty the King, to bestow Royal Patronage.

On the 26th of April, then, we become the Royal Varuna Many who were there that day wished it had been sooner. The King, our Royal Patron, became an active racer, But in the Enterprises and OK dinghy - a time before the Laser

Commodore Lowry followed Sid in 1966 It was a time of consolidation, a very friendly mix
Of Royals and local sailors, in a Pattaya clean and green They were halcyon days of a Pattaya that most have never seen

Rachot Kanchanavanit took the reins and right after he did, The Fourth Commodore of the line quickly made a bid And, in spite of opposition, he secured our present site Which, as we enter the New Millennium, proves that he was right!

The club was spit and many chose to leave and fish off Bang Saray, But all who ‘stayed aboard’ are very proud today Of the foresight and the wisdom of our early Commodores
Which gives us sailing, fun and sunsets, right along our shores.

Roberto Maestrini, a Founding Member, quickly followed through guiding the club into the new decade until 1972

Then Angelo Gualtieri, a naval engineer of note. Became the Sixth to rule the Club, racing every kind of boat.

Per Hansen moved up to the chair in 1974. And did things somewhat differently, to what had gone before

Eighth Commodore, Albert Chandler, pioneered a whole new era Introducing Hobie Cats and Lasers - and the exploits of Prince Bira

Ninth Commodore Robert Kennedy showed us to the world When the ’78 Fireball championships off Varuna shores were held

Peter Cummins followed Bob and has pursued up to this day Publicity full of puns and, of course, the evergreen clich้

Norman Campbell led the Club into the next decade. An old colonial type, his style will never fade

Nigel Hardy in ’82 became the twelfth to wear the crown. His management and sailing skills never let us down.

Adolph Knees was next in line and took up many matters. Ensuring Varuna’s management of the Kingdom’s big regattas

Chris King followed him, as the 14th Commodore His legal mind and his sailing skills held us all in awe. He took Varuna forward fast into the big arena Of keelboat racing at Phuket, without even a marina. Adolph came back again in 1988, but then he lost the yearning
And stepped down after just one year, for Peter Ole Herning.
Peter was not a man of words, but a man of action Admittedly, though, the swimming pool was not his main attraction.

17th Commodore Peter Hudde epitomized dedication Nothing could escape his gaze - leaking pipes to Optimist flotation.

John Marten came in ’93, our first Kiwi Commodore He ran the Club, sailed so well and revived the days of yore

Suwan Poopoksakul was indeed a change of pace. He woke us from our reverie and then passed to David Race.

Our 20th Commodore, David, was indeed a guiding light He led the Club and led the racing, sometimes out of sight

Lawnin Crawford followed David as number 21 His reign was brief and in 1997 he had only just begun

But he stepped aside and Rut Subniran became The 22nd in the ‘Commodores Hall of Fame’

Then came Don of the Mackenzie Clan who laid to rest our fears He signed our lease, which guarantees our home for 30 years

Incumbent Robert England who acceded last November To lead the re-construction of a Varuna we shall all remember

There have been 24 Commodores to bring us up to here From Walter up through Robert, they’ve preserved what we hold dear. I thank these worthy gentlemen who have made us what we are


Royal Varuna Yacht Club

H.S.H. Prince Bhisatej Rajani, Mr. W.L. Meyer,
Mr. A.R. Maestrini, Mr. R. Gintzburger


Mr. W.L. Meyer


Mr. S.J. Watkins


Mr. D. Lowry


Dr. Rachot Kanchanawanit


Mr. A.R. Maestrini

Mr. A. Gualtieri 1972-1974  
  Mr. Per Svane Hansen 1974-1975  
  Mr. Albert Chandler 1975-1977  
  Mr. Bob Kennedy 1977-1979  
  Mr. Peter Cummins 1979-1980  
  Mr. N.S. Campbell 1980-1982  
  Mr. Nigel J. Hardy 1982-1984  
  Mr. Adolph Knees 1984-1986  
  Mr. Chris King 1986-1988  
  Mr. Adolph Knees 1988-1989  
  Mr. Peter Herning 1989-1991  
  Mr. Peter Hudde 1991-1993  
  Mr. John Marten 1993-1995  
  Khun Suwan Poopoksakul 1995-1996  
  Mr. David Race 1996-1997  
  Mr. Lawnin Crawford 1997-1998  
  Khun Rut Subniran 1998-2000  
  Mr. Don Mackenzie 2000-2002  
  Mr. Robert England 2002-