Van Dyk and Evans do the business


PSC golf from The Cafe Kronborg

Monday, June 27, Bangpra –Stableford

Fifteen golfers set off from the Cafe’ Kronborg at 0815 hours and arrived at the course forty minutes later.  The first group who teed off at 0940 hours under overcast skies and in warm conditions completed the journey in four hours and fifteen minutes.  After nine holes a cooling breeze arrived, however for the first time in many moons the monkeys were not in attendance.

Prior to tee off San Mig Stu, a last start winner and one day off his 58th birthday, commented that the game is too easy and there must be a way to toughen it up.  Time would tell.

Daryl Evans (left) The Admiral (centre) and Andre van Dyke (right). Daryl Evans (left) The Admiral (centre) and Andre van Dyke (right).

The course was in good condition and the greens quicker than a Fremantle Dockers Football Club second half capitulation.

We welcomed Martin Todd from Western Australia and said hoo roo to Jan Lovgreen and Niels Hansen prior to their return to Denmark.

In the A flight Andre Van Dyk shot a personal best of eighty off the stick for a sensational forty three points and first place.  Second with a solid thirty six points was Stu Rifkin and Niels Hansen rounded out the flight with thirty three points for third.

Martin Todd, who scored thirty two points to miss a podium place, reckoned he was the unluckiest golfer since Boof Watkins three jabbed the last 12 greens to get rolled on a count-back for the 1988 July Monthly Mug at the Gosnells Golf Club in Perth Western Australia.

In the B flight Daryl Evans had a runaway win with a PB eighty six off the stick and forty one points.  Runner up was Andrew Krawiec with a solid thirty nine points and Nigel Perry reversed his Coveted Compass Cap effort at his previous start to hand in thirty five points and finish third.

A Flight (0–16)

1st Andre Van Dyk (15) 43pts

2nd Stu Rifkin (16) 36pts

3rd Niels Hansen (12) 33pts

B Flight (17+)

1st Daryl Evans (19) 41pts

2nd Andrew Krawiec (21) 39pts

3rd Nigel Perry (22) 35pts

Mike Winfield won his inaugural Coveted Compass Cap and Deefa as usual collected more donations for charity and all who contributed are thanked once again.

Thursday, June 30, Plutaluang –Stableford

Twelve golfers buttered up for today’s action with a sense of anticipation not experienced since a group of cannibals were observed salivating watching plump missionaries disembarking from their canoes somewhere in the Congo.

Playing the East and South nines under overcast skies and with a cool breeze present the leading group completed the journey in four hours and twenty minutes.

Kevin Dinan managed to make it to the course on the correct day which delighted the organisers.

The course was in good condition however the scribe is loathe to comment on the condition of the greens as it is possible local authorities may invoke section 169/170 of the criminal code.

One right handed folically challenged golfer who recently purchased two gloves only to realise they were for a left hander indicated that he was going to blitz the field now that the situation had been rectified with the correct equipment.  This was a very big call that would be answered one way or the other within a few hours.

In the A flight Stu Rifkin scored thirty seven points to win and relegate Martin Todd into second place on a count-back whilst Mike Gosden rounded it out with thirty three points.

In the B flight Hugh O’Donnell handed in a solid thirty six points to finish atop the podium.  Second went to Kevin Dinan with thirty four points and last start Coveted Compass Cap winner Mike Winfield with thirty one points made it into third place.

Alas the folically challenged one did not win.

A Flight (0–20)

1st Stu Rifkin (16) 37pts

2nd Martin Todd (8) 37pts

3rd Mike Gosden (11) 33pts

B Flight (21+)

1st Hugh O’Donnell (21) 36pts

2nd Kevin Dinan (24) 34pts

3rd Mike Winfield (21) 31pts

The Coveted Compass Cap was won by Alan Traneker and Deefa was delighted to snavel a few shekels from the gathered throng and they are thanked for their contributions.