Senior storms to victory


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Golf really is the most infuriating game; what it gives with one hand it immediately takes back with the other.  On Monday last, I was progressing rather nicely and had amassed a mighty fifteen points after just six holes and the world was a lovely place.  Even on the sixth, after a tee shot out of bounds and playing three off the tee on a par five, I still managed to chip in from fifty yards for a respectable six, alright lucky six.  

On the seventh the wheels fell off – my ball disappearing into the top of a tree some two hundred yards down the fairway never to be seen again.  That was it, my head was gone and so was my golf game for the day.  I struggled on trying to get the train back on the tracks but ended up an also ran, cursing my luck.  I guess golf is a lot like life really.

Ted Senior - winner at Green Valley.Ted Senior – winner at Green Valley.

So Monday 7th January the TRGG faithful visited Crystal Bay (A and B courses) and it has to be said it was in spectacular condition.

Proving that they are definitely not also-rans, three people all managed to amass 36pts at the top of the leader board only to be separated on count back.  Bob Watson, playing off plus one, was the winner from Tommy Marshall (8) in second and Jim Cleaver (12) in third.  Congratulations to all three for not losing their heads.

On Tuesday 8th January it was on to Green Valley, another excellent course.  After an indifferent spell of late it was good to see Ted Senior (15) storm back with his ‘A’ game and destroy the course and the rest of the field with 41pts, which was by far and away the best score of the day.  Tristan Gilbert (10) took second place on count back from Barry Wood (11), both returning with a very respectable 37pts.

Thursday 10th January was the weekly pilgrimage to Phoenix (Lakes and Ocean).  Tristan Gilbert (9), who has only recently acquired his single figure handicap, showed there is still more to come by taking first place with 39pts.  Billy Ostle (12), who is a real ‘Steady Eddie’ competitor, took second place with 37pts and old Methuselah himself Jeff Wilcox (23) showed there is still life in the old dog by finishing third on 35pts.

Phoenix winner - Tristan Gilbert.Phoenix winner – Tristan Gilbert.

On Friday 11th January TRGG rounded off the week by taking a huge turnout to play Emerald.  So large was the field it was divided into two Divisions.  Div 1 was for up to 13 handicap and Div 2 was for 14 handicap and above.

Division 1 was headed by Barry Wood (11) who returned the best score of the day overall with 38pts.  Mike Rushant (11) took second on count back from Tristan Gilbert (9), both returning with 36pts.

Division 2 saw Jim McNeill (16) take first place with 34pts followed by Roger Wilkinson (14) in second on 33 and Ken Brehm (21) in third with 32.

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week!