Plantation – it’s golf, but not as we know it


PSC golf with The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Nov. 1, Burapha – Stableford

So what a difference a tee makes.  The 30 Outbackers, tired, worn out and dejected from the wet summer off the long blue tees, were given a respite at last, as Capt’ Bob promised to ‘make their day’ by putting them off the ‘whites’ for a change.  Talk about making hay in the sunshine, they veritably went on the rampage, with the lowest score in Div A being 32 points.

So what was enough to win, 36 or 37 or even 38? – not even in the frame.  A whopping 43 points from Raji got the top spot from two tied on 42, Bob Maloney and Sel Wegner, both of whom return to Aus this week (that should give us local boys a bit of a chance).

Plantation winners (from left): Andy, Jeff, Wayne, Tony, John & Bill. Plantation winners (from left): Andy, Jeff, Wayne, Tony, John & Bill.

Talking of local boys, Bruce Milner grabbed the fourth spot with a meagre 39 points, you’ve got to be good to win at this school!

Div B weren’t quite so impressive overall, nevertheless they were pretty good, as John Cogan, who on Sunday night didn’t want to play this course but had his arm twisted by his good friend Neil Lavery, came out and did the biz with a great 40 points ahead of Pete Stonebridge (37pts) and Don Everett (36pts), who we also say goodbye to.  Back in fourth was Dave Boran on 35, heading a three-way count-back.

About 18 of the 30 who played today went back to the restaurant to take advantage of the latest tempter to encourage the Outbackers to eat and drink there, so long deterred by their price hikes last year.  On offer were four free green fees in a lucky draw, and this looks set to continue every Monday for the foreseeable future during the high season.

There were six ‘2’s from Ivan Plunkett, Sel Wegner, Neil Lavery, Raji, Tony Garnett & John O’Keefe.

Div A (0-13)

1st Amarjit Banwaitt (9) 43pts

2nd Bob Maloney (13) 42pts

3rd Sel Wegner (13) 42pts

4th Bruce Milner (12) 39pts

Div B (14+)

1st John Cogan (17) 40pts

2nd Peter Stonebridge (16) 37pts

3rd Don Everett (24) 36pts

4th Dave Boran (15) 35pts

Tuesday, Nov. 2, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

Another windy but dry day kept the scoring honest as Barry Chadbourn relished the conditions.  Of the 13 Outbackers, Chad was the only player to better his handicap returning him to the No 1 spot here at Pattaya Country Club for the first time since June this year and oddly enough there were 13 players that day as well, must be his lucky number.

Arthur Bailey, preferring to cap his handicap at 26, filled second place with a fine 36 to follow up his win from last week and Raji got the nod over Geoff Moodie both with 35.

Finally, welcome to Dave Earthrowl, very good friend of the Outback, playing with us here at Pattaya C.C. for the first time and rumour has it that the resident Outback ‘Turnip’ has also returned to playing the real game of golf but he can’t shoot 12 under, as he regularly does on the bar’s golf game.

Alan Pearce bagged the ‘jackpot 2’.

1st Barry Chadbourn (19) 37pts

2nd Arthur Bailey (26) 36pts

3rd Amarjit Banwaitt (8) 35pts

4th Geoff Moodie (26) 35pts

Wednesday, Nov. 3, The Emerald – Stableford

Emerald today and what a pleasure it was to play it, the course was in great condition and although the greens had been sanded about 2 weeks ago there no wet spots at all.

Just a small group of 10 Outbackers played off the white tees: Capt’ Bob was being generous as they were well forward on most tee blocks.  One that comes to mind was the tenth, infinitely drivable for the big hitters and most par 5’s were reachable in two, so a good day out for all concerned.

There were a couple of good scores in amongst the ordinary ones but they were few and far between, but the surprise winner today on his first foray back for two weeks (off with a knee injury) was the Capt’ himself with 40 points playing off his 9 H/cap.  Second was Ed Delaney (27) with 39 points and third was his good mate, Lawrie McBride (14) with 36.

Welcome back Sean Johnstone and goodbye to Tony Briggs, for tomorrow he is off back to West Aussie to work again and he hopes to be back very soon.

There were three ‘2’s coming from Ed Delaney, Lloyd Shuttleworth & Lawrie McBride.

1st Bob Philp (9) 40pts

2nd Eddie Delaney (27) 39pts

3rd Lawrie McBride (14) 36pts

Friday, Nov. 5, Siam Plantation – Stableford

This is a great course, it has to be up there amongst the best, but it’s a golf course not a picture postcard, why isn’t it used the way it was designed, with carts on the course.  Walking between cart and ball, shouting across to the caddie to bring a club, who scurries across to the best of her ability with an armful of clubs because she’s not quite sure what you asked for, is not the game of golf.

Sometimes you don’t play the shot you want so back she goes to get another club or you try to make do with the club you’ve got, resulting in a bad shot.  Or you go in a bunker and she half rakes the bunker with one hand leaving it poorly raked for the following players (if indeed she’s got the rake with her) and she couldn’t possibly rake somebody else’s footprints, before rushing back to the cart.

Carts on the course would speed up play (= more players on the course) and make the game more pleasurable for many, this maybe golf but not as we know it.  What a great shame.

Nevertheless it was in great nick and it was nice to be back here after a long absence; but with a good stiff wind blowing across the hillside and hard and fast greens, even with an assortment of mostly forward tees, the scoring was not expected to be brilliant.

Steve Mann looked as though he was going to take the course apart with 21 points on the front before a succession of bunkers got inside his head and off came his wheels.  He ended up in a three-way tie on 31 points in Div A before losing out on count-back to Tony Garnett and Jeff Bunn, leaving Andy Butterworth to take the top spot easily with 35.

Div B went to Bill Peach with 33 points and John O’Keefe took second on the same score, with Wayne Challis back in third with 30.

There was another ‘jackpot 2’, this time from Jeff Bunn.

Div A (0-13)

1st Andy Butterworth (12) 35pts

2nd Tony Garnett (11) 31pts

3rd Jeff Bunn (8) 31pts

Div B (14+)

1st William Peach (22) 33pts

2nd John O’Keefe (17) 33pts

3rd Wayne Challis (14) 30pts

Note: The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit.  Just call in and put your name down on the list or give Bob a call on 087 941 2474.