Perfect Pearce triumphs at Pleasant Valley


The Billabong Bar Golf Group

Monday, Jan. 21, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

Monday saw the team going to Pleasant Valley, and true to form they got away on time off the 10th tee; my thanks to Colonel Bob for looking after the boy’s for me.  The management of some other golf courses could get a lesson from here – there is never a hiccup at the tee blocks and everything just ticks over like a well oiled wheel. 

The scores were good and ordinary but playing from the white tees it does make it a bit easier for the shorter hitters.

We welcomed Ray Thirtle back today from his knee replacement and Bunker Bill – good to see you fellas hope the knee keeps getting stronger for you Ray.

Brian Maddox (left) and Bob Pearce.Brian Maddox (left) and Bob Pearce.

The winner today was the ‘Old Master’ Bob Pearce with 44 points and coming second was Brian Maddox on 39 points.  There were four ‘2’s coming from Stan Stoker, Bob Pearce, Bill Fenton and Willem Lasonder.

Wednesday, Jan. 23, Green Valley – Stableford

Down to Green Valley for our regular Wednesday game and 4 groups set out on time for a very quick round of under four and a half hours – that’s great for this time of the year.  The course is in great condition also.

Welcome to Tony Oakes, the PSC President, who played with us today and good to see Richard Holmes, and Lamun Hanley with us also.

The scores were very good with a couple of over the top ones.  In the winner’s circle were Martin Hayes with a fantastic 43 points to take the top spot ahead of Bob Philp in second with his best score in months with 41 points.  In third place was Tony Oakes with 36 points (and that score I might add would have won every day for the last six weeks) and completing the podium on fourth was Richard Holmes with 35 points.

There were five ‘2’s today coming from Bob Philp, Tony Oakes, Richard Holmes and Martin Hayes got 2.

Friday, Jan. 25, Crystal Bay – Stableford

Friday we went to Crystal Bay and after a bit of a mix up with tee times we finally got away a little late but having a 3½ hour round it was great.  It was decided we play a 4-man scramble and there was a bit of banter as to who would go first but as Nick had to get to the airport to go home, so the group of Peter Lenory, Brian Wilkinson, Mark Wood and Nick got away and he got to town and the departure lounge on time.

The team of JJ Harney, Scott Eaton, Stan Stoker and Keith Bowles were next up followed by Brian Maddox, Martin Hayes, Willem Losander and Phil Waite.  Those teams made up the winners circle.

I will get to the score’s in a minute as there is a little story to tell here, on the way back to the bar a certain person and his navigator got very low on petrol so a decision was made by the navigator to go off road to the nearest petrol station.  Suffice to say they didn’t quite make it and finished up in a ditch with about 4 feet of the car under water.  The driver, after castigating his mate, decided they needed help so stay in the car was the command and the driver went up the road to get a truck pull him out.  Needless to say when he got back the navigator was standing outside the car in the pouring rain and was heard to say, “I didn’t stay in there because I didn’t want to bloody drown.”

The good news is they got out, got some petrol and got back to the bar, albeit you could have had a swim in the car itself.  See JJ, I told you no one would find out who it was mate!

The winning score of 60.5 was from Brian, Phil, Willem and Martin.  In second place came Peter, Mark, Nick and Brian with 60.9 and in third was the team of JJ, Stan, Keith and Scott with 61.7.

Note:  Golf at the Billabong is played every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If you care to play just give Bob a call on 082 204 3411 or call in to the bar.  The Billabong Golf Bar is situated just before the arch going to Siam Old Course looking straight down Lake Mabprachan.