Morel makes it look easy


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Jan. 21, Bangpakong – Stableford

A favourite choice every 2/3 months and we had a 40-seater coach, a mini bus and a few cars meeting at Siam Cats for our normal 10.00am tee off time at the course.  From the elevated view from the clubhouse the course looked to be in a good condition as we all checked-in.

There are a few ladies now joining us and we had four out today, though not quite the same as three years ago when the ladies comp was between 6 and 8 players for each game.

The equal divisional cut today was 7-14, 15-18 and 19+.  There were a few moans on the first tee, no names mentioned, as we selected the white tees today at 6,680 yards instead of the yellow at 6320 yards, but when the winning scores were announced back at Siam Cats at the presentation there were no comments whatsoever.

‘Mr. Happy’ a.k.a. Bryan Rought recorded the best score of the day in the three men’s divisions, winning the second with 42 points.  Harry Vincenzi was second in that flight with 40 and Dennis Scougal took third with a meagre 37.

Tony Kay topped division 1 with 39 points, beating Horst Starchl on a 22/21 back nine count back and John Chambers placed third with 36.

Jim Connelly won division 3 with 36 points and, dressed in a very outlandish outfit, Pepo Frick was second on 34 after beating Stefan Kallback 19/18 on the back nine.

Miss Nut was happy yet again after winning the ladies division with 33 points.

Near pins went to Verena Suhr, Alan Maxwell, Neville Scurrell, Horst Starchl, Volker Suhr, Gordon Everingham, Pepo Frick and Curtiss Hessler.

Volker Suhr birdied the 16th for the only ‘2’ in division 1 and in division 2 there was a rollover to Pattaya Country Club on Wednesday.

Wednesday, Jan. 23, Pattaya Country Club – Stableford

We had another good turnout today with 3 ladies and 35 men, so there were four divisions in total.

Playing off the white tees the best score of the day in the three men’s divisions was 44 points with the Frog (alias Jean Morel), taking the top podium position in division 2.  Paul Hartley was second with 39 after beating Eiichi Matsumoto on a 22/19 on a back nine count back.

Jerry Sweetnam won division 1 with 40 points ahead of Chris Voller in second on 37 and Horst Starchl took third with 35.

In the frame most weeks with a reducing handicap, Rod Howett topped division 3 with 37 points, Charlie Charalambous was second on 34 and Roar Berger beat Bernt Dubland on a 19/15 back nine count back after they both came in with 33 points.

Winning with 27 points in the ladies division kept Miss Nut smiling all the way to the bank.

Near pins were claimed by Anders Hansson, Horst Starchl, Chris Voller (2), Mike Fitzgerald, Randy Flello and Eiichi Matsumoto.

Amazingly there were five ‘2’s in division 1 from Sid Crawley on the 7th and 12th, Anders Hansson on the 12th and Horst Starchl on the 5th and 12th and with no rollovers there were no smiling faces Siam Cats.

Friday, Jan. 25, Eastern Star – Stableford

As we drove towards the course this morning the roads were waterlogged just before taking the u-turn off Sukhumvit into the course and the clouds in the distance were looking a trifle threatening.

There were 14 groups out but a slight error with the mini bus driver meant 8 players went AWOL for a couple of hours so we only teed off with 12 four-balls.  There were 6 ladies out also today while for the men the division 1 cut was 7-14, 15-20 in division 2 and 21 + in division 3.

The 13th and 18th greens are still improving here at Eastern Star and the rest are still slightly slower than what we are used to.  The first group reached the 8th tee and we then experienced 20 minutes of showers and light rain, crazy for this time of the year but it did not affect the golf.

Wilf Latham proved this with 38 points to win division 1 ahead of Chris Voller in second two points behind and Bill Bertram was third with 34.

Joe Kubon topped division 3 with 35 points and yet again Rodney Howett was in the limelight, beating Iain Walsh 19/18 on a back nine count back for second after they both scored 33 points.

There was a small debate at the presentation as to whether we should recognise any winners in division 2.  Winning it with 30 points was Andy Baber while the Saturday morning telephone box entrepreneur, Dennis Scougal, was second with 29 and Finn Olsen came in third, beating Frank Kelly on a 16/13 back nine count back.

Miss Nut won the ladies division with 29 and Wendy Hillier was second on 24.

Near pins went to Noi Emmerson, Hildur, Miss Nut, Mikael Andersson, Arthur Hancock, Rick Hiatt, Dennis Scougall, Andy Baber, Mark Conway and Jim Connelley.

There were no ‘2’s in any of the divisions so rollovers to next week.

Finally, we had to say Bon Voyage to John Chambers today and we hope to see you again soon.