Mashi the man of the month


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, Nov. 27, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

At the moment it is like a day in winter in the U.K., you wake up and it is dark all day, then it pours down.  On this day the weather was not the greatest either as we went to Bert’s, but we would see what the day would bring.  There were a good number in Bert’s when I got there, but it soon filled up even more, and with many going direct to the course we looked at six groups.

This is a course that can be difficult for the players, and with so much water about we decided to play off the white tees, maybe a bit short but with the ball gathering mud and no run, prudence won.

Winners and runners-up in each flight with one of Bert’s finest. Winners and runners-up in each flight with one of Bert’s finest.

The trip there is simple these days, and quick.  So a later start from Bert’s is good, and despite that we arrived in plenty of time.  A smooth book-in saw us soon outside where we were informed we would start on the 10th Tee, and that is not too bad either, and off we went only a few minutes late.

The course was much as expected, with little run and the ball picked up a little mud, but ‘lift, clean and place’ on the short mown areas fixed that.  However, the rough was penal and on this course hit a tree and suffer.  Getting back on the fairway is at a premium.

The course despite much rain of late and being wet, was still firm enough for carts, and for a while I wondered if we had not made a mistake playing off the white tees as our group was scoring so well.  Mashi in particular was in fine form; he never gives in and if he makes a mistake he does not compound it by making another, and on this day his approach play and putting were in the top class.  But surely some of the other players had played better than those in our group on this shorter course?

Of course, this being the last Tuesday of the month it was also the ‘MBMG Group, Golfer of the Month’ award and it has been proved time and again that who wins on the last Tuesday often wins all.

We were soon round and the biggest revelation awaited us.  Despite a larger number starting off the first nine, we had hot water and lo and behold nice thick white towels.  No ‘old friends’ seen.  We then went into the restaurant where most had food, to find the food good, hot and reasonably priced.  All in all a fine day.

Back at Bert’s it was interesting to see all had had a good day, and the scores were not as high as I had feared.  In the A Flight, 0 to 18, the winner with a rather superb 43 points was the one and only Mashi Kaneta, followed by a count back on 39 points that saw Ted Morris in second and Derek Brook in third.  In the B Flight the winner was Brian Gabe with 37 points on a count back over Jack Robertson in second.  In third we had Joel Flor with 36 points.

Then onto the MBMG Golfer of the Month, and with his superb round on the last day, the winner was, as expected, Mashi Kaneta.  Well done Mashi and it was a pleasure to play with him on this day.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Joel Flor (2), Bob Watson, Kevin Dunne

Long Putts:  Graham Buckingham, Kevin Dunne