Kevin bags a brace


PSC golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Nov. 4, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Kevin McEntee (7) 35pts

2nd Jeff Cordiero (8) 35pts

3rd Yui Bietry (10) 35pts

B Flight

1st Matt Doyle (13) 38pts

2nd Dave Boran (13) 37pts

3rd Norman Cheetham (15) 35pts

C Flight

1st Roger Cross (20) 39pts

2nd Keith McLachlan (25) 38pts

3rd Peter Henshaw (21) 36pts

Near Pins:  No 4 John Bahng No 9 Yui Bietry No 9 Paddy Jordan No 16 Michael Prideaux.

A good sized turnout saw thirteen prizes handed out via three places in three flights and four near pins.  Who said it was low season?

Roger Cross led Sunday’s mob with a C Flight winning and best on the day 39 points, and continued his warning to the society that he has his sights set on the November 11th Monthly medal.  Keith McLachlan, who is dropping by with a little more frequency much to everyone’s enjoyment, was closely behind Roger with 38 points.  A little fanfare please for Peter Don ‘Corleone’ Henshaw whose steady even par round closed the flight.

Sunday’s winner Roger Cross (left) with Colin Davis. Sunday’s winner Roger Cross (left) with Colin Davis.

Turning to the premier flight and Co. Offaly ‘gang leader’ Kevin McEntee continued his fine play and won a three-way count back over Jeff Cordiero and Yui Bietry with a first place 35 points.  It is hard to believe that the first time the scribe played with Kevin he was a struggling 20 handicap, many years ago.  How did he become so good (hcp 7) and this scribe so lousy?  Yui, a long time participant in the growth of golf in Pattaya, added another few more shekels to her purse while tacking the bronze behind Jeff’s silver.

The middling flight saw the quick return to the podium of yet another Co. Offaly gang man, Matt ‘Dillon’ Doyle.  Matt’s 38 points was one better than the intrepid Dave Boran.  Norman Cheetham managed 37 points and third spot in B Flight

Jan ‘the quite one’ Eriksen managed the only 2 of the day to take the extra large 2’s pot

Monday, November 5, Khao Kheow – Stableford

A Flight

1st Sugar Robertson (11) 36pts

2nd Jeff Clohessy (9) 35pts

3rd John Stewart (9) 35pts

B Flight

1st Norman Cheetham (15) 37pts

2nd Gerry Rafferty (17) 36pts

2nd Colm Mullen (16) 36pts

C Flight

1st Jim Elphick (25) 34pts

2nd Sean Soden (21) 32pts

3rd Joe Tynan (29) 30pts

A good sized field for any season took on the favourite of many – Pete Dye’s Khao Kheow.  Norman Cheetham, who came third on Sunday, stepped up to the top step of B Flight and the day, as Norman was the only player to better par.  Gerry Rafferty matched par and Colm ‘the right honorable’ Mullen but prevailed on count back to gain the silver.

Scotland’s’ Buckie boot boy’ Sugar Robertson attacked the Dye layout with nearly as much fervor as the B Flight boys, with a steady even par round.  Jeff Clohessy, utilizing his trademark guile, slipped into second place with a count back victory over John Stewart.

Jimmy ‘two shots’ Elphick continued his way to the pay window and his C Flight winning 34 points ensured that the trip was worthwhile.  Sean Soden quietly snuck in to second as Joe ‘Sat nav’ kept his head bent to accept the bronze.

Colm ‘Dead eyed Dick’ Mullen, a brace, and seven other players split the 2’s pot.

Wednesday, November 7, Bangpra – Stableford

A Flight

1st Kevin McEntee (7) 35pts

2nd Francis Goyons (8) 33pts

3rd John Stewart (9) 32pts

B Flight

1st J-P Maffray (13) 39pts

2nd Gerry Cooney (17) 36pts

3rd Gerry Rafferty (17) 34pts

C Flight

1st Oen Torbjorn (31) 33pts

2nd Jonny Larsson (22) 33pts

3rd Brendan Dolan (19) 32pts

One never knows when he will strike, but J-P Maffray never keeps erm waiting too long.  J-P’s 39 points was the best in B Flight and best on the day.  He was also the only player to better his handicap.  Irishman Gerry Cooney took the silver with a commendable even par round followed by fellow Irishmen Gerry Rafferty and Colm the right’ honorable’ Mullen tied on 34 points, the resulting count back left Colm satang less at sea level.

Kevin you know who had the best score in the senior flight with 35 points for the second time this week.  Kevin has been offered a one-way ticket to a destination of his choice as long as he takes his two sidekicks with him.

Kevin was two shots clear of Francis Goyons as the latter picked up the flight silver.  John Stewart, no stranger to the pay window, rounded out the flight a further shot back.

Nuff said about A Flight, we have C Flight left to talk about.  Oen Torbjorn stood atop C Flight with a modest 33 points with the aid of a count back over Jonny Larsson, as Brendon Dolan tidied up the flight.

Francis Goyons, Michael Prideaux, Seamus Lanagan and Brian Cooper shared the 2’s pot.

Note:  Lewiinski’s is situated on Pattaya Land Soi 1, Beach Road Soi 13/3 near to Walking Street. Anyone wishing to play with us just pop in and add your name to the list or call Colin on 089 826 0764.  Transport is provided.