JingJo secures Decanter win


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Tuesday, Sept. 6 – Pattaya C.C.

The Outback’s 4th birthday was celebrated in the traditional fashion with a two day competition at two different courses.  The format was stroke play with a separate stableford competition on day 2 – playing for The Outback Plate.

Day 1 was held at Pattaya Country Club, which the Outback has supported on a weekly basis for the last three years, and Day 2 took place at the ever popular Green Valley, which has just become the regular Friday venue.

‘JingJo’ Martin O’Neill (left) accepts The Decanter from Capt’ Bob.‘JingJo’ Martin O’Neill (left) accepts The Decanter from Capt’ Bob.

Before the details of the competition it is worth to consider why the Outback has been so successful.  In my view it is efficiency – at the daily venues, Capt’ Bob ensures that all players are present and correct before teeing off himself even if it means changing everybody round two or three times; and Chad, Steve and Suzi who often help out, do likewise.

If it’s any away trip you want, whether it is just a group of 12 to a local course or one further afield of 50 PAX plus, you can rely on the organising skills of ‘General Jack’ aka Jack Moseley.  Regular trips are made to Chiang Mai (the 7th tour there coming up next month) and now Hua-Hin as well as International venues, like Bintan and Siem Reap.  Also whilst the Outback is a bar and restaurant it is very much a ‘golf bar’ with the genial ‘Capt’ Bob’ aka Bob Philp taking care of the ‘front of house’ with a warm welcome to all.

It was General Jack who inaugurated and administered the MBMG Matchplay league in 2008 which involved nine different golfing venues playing each other twice in a matchplay format, with over 300 players taking part in the first year.

In addition they have taken the initiative in golfing promotion with the sponsorship of the cricket sixes 20/20 match at Horseshoe Point last year as well as Pattaya versions of both the President’s Cup and the Ryder Cup over the last four years with the co-operation of both The Golf Bar and Lewiinski’s.

On the fun side they have had the “Boo Hoo Cup”, the ongoing “Roo Cup” and some ‘unique’ fun games such as ‘The Stupid Ashes Trophy’ and their annual match against The German-Swiss Golf Club which always culminates in a great night out at the Moon River Pub.

Expectant players wait at the first tee.Expectant players wait at the first tee.

They are the first golf organisation here in Pattaya to experiment with the EGA handicapping system which basically takes into consideration the slope and rating for each tee and course on the day as defined by the USGA handicap system and correctly applies that information to a player’s handicap index.  Both Jack & Bob do admit that the system does require a bit of extra time and effort but firmly believe it is the right system for Pattaya golfers, combining the best of CONGU (using it’s handicapping rules applied to tournaments only and the best of the USGA (using the slopes and ratings giving the flexibility between the numerous courses in the Pattaya area).

“It’s just a matter of players getting used to the idea that their handicap is an Index and is designed to vary from course to course”, said Jack, who added that the Outback hopes to make pocket size versions of the course playing handicap tables available soon.

Whilst the Outback is on the ‘Dark Side’ it does attract golfers from both the ‘Light Side’ and Jomtien – many taking advantage of the Outback Bus!

So back to the plot!

There were 38 players on the first day of the Decanter, Tuesday, Sept. 6, at Pattaya Country Club where the players were greeted by the staff in their usual friendly and efficient manner.  Before play commenced handicaps were checked, following the course being re-rated with most players at least one shot!

Tuesday organiser ‘Chad’, aka Barry Chadbourn, was the man in charge and was at the start ensuring all were away in the correct 4-balls in his usual cool and efficient manner.  One group included three members of the PSC Executive, all regular Outbackers; Golf Chairman, Joe Mooneyhan, Treasurer, Bob Linborg and Social Chairman, yours truly.

The course was presented well and it was obvious to the regulars that work had been done in the last few days and that very morning according to the caddies and after listening to the members.

The weather was hot with a little wind and not a sign of rain!

Best score of the day went to JingJo (Martin O’Neill) with a net 68 off a 26 handicap which won him Div C by five from Kurt Persson (29) with 73 and PCC regular, Geoff Moodie with 74.

Dave Earthrowl, another PCC regular and member, produced a net 70 off h’cap 16 to win Div B and share second place overall with the comeback kid, having only his second outing since undergoing knee surgery, Capt’ Bob, also with a net 70 off his 7 h’cap to take out the A Flight.  Second and third places in Div B went to two more PCC regulars, Dennis Persson (14) with 73 and John Cogan (15) on 74.

There were five ‘2’s from Marilyn Hayes, David Day and Bob Lindborg all on hole 7, Joe Mooneyham on hole 12, and Chris Fletcher on hole 16.

Div A (0-11)

1st Bob Philp (7) net 70

2nd Chris Fletcher (10) net 74

3rd Dave Ritchie (+1) net 76

Div B (12-16)

1st David Earthrowl (16) net 70

2nd Dennis Persson (14) net 73

3rd John Cogan (15) net 74

Div C (17+)

1st Martin O’Neill (26) net 68

2nd K E Persson (29) net 73

3rd Geoff Moodie (22) net 74

Friday, Sept. 9 – Green Valley

There were 53 players in today’s competition played at the delightful Green Valley, a popular venue for Pattaya golfers.  The course was in its usual fine condition – that, together with perfect weather, all was set for a great day.

After being welcomed by Capt’ Bob and the staff at the bar it was off to the course where booking-in and locating caddies was quick and there was time for some banter around the first tee, as the groups teed off with the first shot of the day over the water. (Note: although we later heard that Joe had a bit of a wait for his caddie).

Twenty-seven players had scores carrying forward from the first round at Pattaya C.C. on Tuesday and these were split with 80 net and worse having their Tues scores converted to stableford to play in the Decanter Plate, leaving those with 79 net or better going forward to another day of medal play for The Decanter.

Seeded in reverse order with the leaders going out last there were 11 players in the Plate and 13 in The Decanter (a total of 24, there were 3 others who did not play).

Away precisely on time, as a 2-ball rushed up to get out on front of our first group, can’t blame them, it would have been a long wait with 13 groups out there; and most rounds completed in a little over four hours.

Quite apart from the two day tournaments there was of course the usual daily comp, so with three different sets of results required, poor old Jack had his work cut out back at the bar to get everything completed in time.  It was a bit late and some had to go before the final results could be announced but the Outback kitchen staff produced a great spread of food for the two dayers – complimentary cottage pie, wienerschnitzel, potato salad and laab moo and of course usual barbecue for the rest of players.

Time for Capt. Bob, who was a little under the weather with the onset of flu, to croak out the daily results first with Paul Greenaway leading the way in Div A with a 36 points, from Jim Brackett, playing a shot or so out of his PSC handicap, and also losing more than a shot to the course for his playing h’cap, who took second with 34.

Next a big welcome to a regular group of Aussie boys who have just arrived, namely John Mills, Tom Bayley and friends and congrats to them (John & Tom) for taking Div B, both with 37 points from Brian Maddox, also on 37; that being the best score of the day.

Kurt Eric won Div C with 36 points and should rue why he didn’t play in the overall (he would have come second) and his good lady, Mam, who looked at the Decanter after it had been presented, took third in the same division with 34 and would also have done well in the 2 day; but you can’t win it if you don’t enter it!  Maybe next year.

The Cap’t Bob moved on to the ‘2’s, of which there were 7; Brian Maddox & Dave Ritchie on hole 4, Paul Bourke, Scott Clark & Liz Collier on hole 12 and Barry Chadbourn & Brian Elsegood on hole 16.

500 Baht Outback vouchers also were awarded to the four near pins from; Paul Greenaway (4), Nigel Cannon (9), David Davies (12) and Chad (16).

So we moved on to the Decanter Plate for those who didn’t make the cut, which was won by Billy Fitzgerald with 61 points followed by Paul Bourke and Nigel Cannon both on 59.

Then finally Capt’ Bob announced the Decanter result with the winner being ‘JingJo’ O’ Neill with a fine, one under par total of 143, beating the old Capt’ himself on 147 and Dennis Persson (the Turnip) in third on 148.  Steve Milne took fourth on 149 and Paul Greenaway’s excellent 72 net hauled him up into fifth place with 150, four clear of Joe Mooneyham in sixth on 154.

Div A (0-12)

1st Paul Greenaway (9/Hi9.7) 36pts

2nd Jim Brackett (4/Hi5.2) 34pts

3rd Murray Hart (12/Hi12.7) 32pts

Div B (13-18)

1st John Mills (17) 37pts

2nd Tom Bayley (17/Hi17.5) 37pts

3rd Brian Maddox (18/Hi18.1) 37pts

Div C (19+)

1st Kurt Eric Persson (31/Hi29.7) 36pts

2nd Peter Davies (24/Hi23) 36pts

3rd Phompinmon Seesa (26/Hi27.7) 34pts

Plate Overall (Stableford)

1st Billy Fitzgerald 61pts

2nd Paul Bourke 59pts

3rd Nigel Cannon 59pts

Decanter Overall (Medal)

1st Martin O’Neill, net 143

2nd Bob Philp, net 147

3rd Dennis Persson, net 148