Jay Sher the last winner in 2010


Golf from the Travellers Rest

I have to start this report with a sincere apology to Jay Sher, one of the many visiting golfers who joined us at the TRGG in 2010.  At our last outing of the year on 30th Dec at Phoenix Jay was awarded the Overall Winner’s spot with a great score of 41 points.  However, although it had been written on my results sheet I totally failed to see this and subsequently did not include it in last week’s report – Sorry Jay!  My only weak excuse is that I was writing the report the morning after the previous night’s New Year celebrations so I was not really at my best.

I understand that some of Jay’s relatives in Canada do not believe he is actually playing golf here in Pattaya, so please let it be duly recorded that Jay Sher was playing golf and was the last winner of 2010.

Jay Sher - the last TRGG winner in 2010.Jay Sher – the last TRGG winner in 2010.

Some weeks I struggle to find anything of interest to write about unlike this week when I have too many.  Here are just some things that popped up: shoes left behind at a course, pin position moved before last group had finished play, plus snakes and bats.

More details in the daily reports below, but before those one more piece of information for our member players.  Your current and up to date handicap is now being made available after every outing at the website for Master Scoreboard.  Fuller details can be found in the “results” section of the TRGG website at www.trgg.biz

So now on to a report of the first full week of play for 2011.

Monday, Jan 6, The Emerald – Stableford

Monday we visited Emerald with a fair turnout and we found a course that will always please the avid golfer with this day being no different.

The honour of Overall winner on the day went to Derek Thorogood with his great 41 pointer.

In the divisions our regular lady Mod Chaviraksa took Division 1 with 37 points and was followed in by Neil Wilkinson at 36 while Ted Senior found himself in yet another third spot with 32 after winning the count-back over Barry Pussell.

The tree snake with the bat at Green Valley.The tree snake with the bat at Green Valley.

Division 2 went to Alan Evans (who is always thereabouts it seems) with another great score of 41 points. The nearest that Frank Higgins could get was 38 for second and Peter Roberts was third with 35 with Seamus Farrell in last prize spot with 33.

The 2’s on the day came from Derek Thorogood and Guy Fraser

One player who will remain nameless was in such a hurry to get back after play to have a drink (well I think that is what it was) that he left his shoes behind.  It is good job that yours truly lives near the course and was able to retrieve same.  However, before I could get them back to him he had bought a new pair.  A very keen golfer it seems.


1st Derek Thorogood (17) 41pts

Div. 1

1st Mod Chaviraksa (12) 37pts

2nd Neil Wilkinson (12) 36pts

3rd Ted Senior (11) 32pts

4th Barry Pussell (6) 32pts

Div. 2

1st Alan Evans (29) 41pts

2nd Frank Higgins (13) 38pts

3rd Peter Roberts (15) 35pts

4th Seamus Farrell (36) 33pts

Tuesday, Jan. 4, Green Valley – Stableford

Green Valley was the course for the day on Tuesday but I could not play (had to work) but did go to the course to see everyone arriving back after their rounds and wish them all New Year greetings.

This turned out to be very interesting because whilst waiting at the eighteenth pin and with still a couple of groups to return, two men turned up on a motorcycle and promptly moved the pin back by about 5 yards from the back of the green to the front (blue flag to red).  I joked with the two returning groups explaining what had happened and told them that they were disqualified for playing a different pin placement to the rest of the comp.  (Not true) but you should have seen the reactions.

It was while we were having these discussions that I heard “snake” shouted and saw Stuart James leap into the air only to see a fairly large green snake heading towards him.  However we all then noticed that in its mouth it had a “bat” because it only wanted to go somewhere quiet and eat its catch.  Result – many a farang looking at the bat in a tree and all the Thais running for cover.  They really hate snakes don’t they?

Neil Wilkinson took out Div 1 with 34 points while Mike Rushant came second after a count-back over Brendan Moore.  Tony Navarro was the top man in the second flight, just edging Gerry Swan and Stuart James into second and third respectively.

Only the one ‘2’ on the day and that was from Tony Navaro.


1st Neil Wilkinson (12) 34pts

2nd Mike Rushant (11) 32pts

3rd Brendan Moore (10) 32pts

Div. 2

1st Tony Navarro (14) 35pts

2nd Gerry Swan (14) 34pts

3rd Stuart James (25) 33pts

Thursday, Jan. 6, Phoenix – Stableford

Thursday was the first of our regular visits to Phoenix for 2011 to play the Lakes and Ocean layout.  An excellent attendance, and you can see why as it is always in very good shape, saw two divisions on the day.

Division 1 had a very good win for Ted Senior at 37 points followed in by Mod Chaviraksa, Hugh Byrne and Callum Inglis (who was playing his last game of this visit) all bottlenecked on 35.

The second division saw Peter Roberts heading the list with 37 points, one ahead of Derek Thorogood in second, with Tony Navarro only managing a third spot this time with his 35.

Six ‘2’s were recorded and congratulations to all of them

Div. 1

1st Ted Senior (12) 37pts

2nd Mod Chaviraksa (12) 35pts

3rd Hugh Byrne (11) 35pts

4th Callum Inglis (7) 35pts

Div. 2

1st Peter Roberts (15) 37pts

2nd Derek Thorogood (15) 36pts

3rd Tony Navarro (14) 35pts

4th Roger Wilkinson (14) 33pts

Saturday, Jan. 8, Greenwood – Stableford

Saturday was a second return visit to Greenwood for the New Year.  This has now firmly become our favourite course at weekends and we had great support so two full divisions.

It was nice to see Brendan Moore heading the Division 1 list with 37 points, just getting home in front of a bunch of 36’s all decided on count-back.  Those who lost out on the prizes were George Robinson and Daryl Ottoway while John Hefferman grabbed third and Barry Welling was second.

In Division 2 it was a convincing win for Michael Jones at 38 points and again he was followed in by 36’s from Norman Cheetham and Steve Canavan .

Four ‘2’s came from Barry Welling (x2) and one each for Jay Shah and John Welch (I bet he was happy with that, I happen to know how hard he has been beating himself up about his poor games of late)

Div. 1

1st Brendan Moore (10) 37pts

2nd Barry Welling (6) 36pts

3rd John Heffernan (10) 36pts

Div. 2

1st Michael Jones (13) 38pts

2nd Norman Cheetham (15) 36pts

3rd Steve Canavan (15) 36pts

Note: If you want any further or fuller information about the golf outings played by the TRGG from the Travellers Rest Hotel, please contact the hotel manager Tewin Lamthong on 086 056 7019 or just call in to the Travellers Rest in Soi LK Metro, Pattaya and look at the notice board or visit our website at www.trgg.biz