Hiskett scores back to back wins


Phoenix Tuesday/Friday (PSC) Golf Group

Tuesday, Sept. 13, Phoenix – Stableford

On only his second game with the group this year, Graham Hiskett once again showed the rest of the field how to play golf.  Graham is a member of Siam Country Club Old Course and usually plays his weekly golf either there or at Plantation.  Just goes to show if you get your handicap by playing at Siam the other courses in the area must be a doddle.  He scored 40 points (with two blobs).  Looks like his handicap will drop next week!

With this week’s competition being for the KPK Food Services voucher award, Graham sadly could not be eligible.  Group rule is you have to have played 5 times in one year for any of the sponsored prizes.  So we awarded Graham the first prize in terms of the usual first prizes, plus a consolation KPK Food Services cap.

Tuesday’s winners with the staff at The Relax Bar. Tuesday’s winners with the staff at The Relax Bar.

In second place was the Cheshire grin man, Patrick Browne, who scored a meagre 34 points and received the KPK Food Services voucher.  In third place with 33 points was the ever hyper Stuart Gordon.  Don’t know where he gets his energy from.

Near pins went to Goort Gelten and Patrick Browne and the lucky draw prizes donated by our hosts The Relax Bar at Ban Am Phur were awarded to yours truly, Peter Harris & Bob Neylon.

Suffice to say everyone who attends the presentation is a winner with this group because we all enjoy the first drink Free, back at The Relax Bar.

It appears the very lowest of the low season may well be behind us now with a few of our regulars returning from travels abroad.  We send our best wishes to Hugh Byrne and his good lady Paula who both have some health problems.  We sincerely hope they recover soon and return to the Land of Smiles.

We still have tee times every Friday AT 12.00 Noon available and, of course every Tuesday at 12.00 noon.  Anyone who would like to try out our little group is welcome.  We only stipulate male only and we only allow 28 handicap maximum.  Our group consists of both high and low handicappers and we try to pair the players with other players of a similar handicap when playing for the sponsored prizes twice monthly.  However, mixing it up little is still employed in the other two weeks of the month.

The sea fishing, again sponsored by KPK Food Services Ltd., is now improving with the waters getting a little cooler.  There are now two trips every month being arranged and anyone interested in either the golf or the fishing should call me (Mike) on 087 091 7565.