Greg & Christer claim the medals


The Haven Golf Society

Monday, Nov. 20, Mt. Shadow (blue tees) – Stableford

CSS 74

Division 1 (0–17)

1st Yasuo Suzuki (14) 40pts

2nd Allan Pilkington (8) 33pts

3rd Andrew Purdie (7) 29pts

4th Dave Edwards (15) 29pts

5th Trevor Schirmer (16) 29pts

Division 2 (18+)

1st Vinny Lazell (19) 34pts

2nd Mike Korney (18) 33pts

3rd Tony O’Neill (26) 29pts

4th Shuichi Kodaka (19) 28pts

5th Arthur Todd (19) 24pts

Greg Ignatieff.
Greg Ignatieff.

Two divisions were needed to accommodate the large number of players with the cut being set at 17 and below.  As usual the course was in good condition but as always a tricky proposition for most of the field.

Yasuo Suzuki had an outstanding round that was six better than the next best and which easily took the first division top spot by a margin of seven.  Second place was taken by Allan Pilkington who was amazed at how far he lagged behind the winner but four ahead of third placed Andrew Purdie who had won a three-way count back with a best 17.  Dave Edwards placed fourth after edging Trevor Schirmer 5 to 3 on count-back.

The second division was headed by Vinny Lazell with a two over handicap return that was just good enough to pip Mike Korney by one.  Tony O’Neill then took third place, with Shuichi Kodaka in fourth and Arthur Todd making onto the podium with the group for the first time.

Murray Edwards scored the lone 2 in the second division whilst Yasuo Suzuki and Allan Pilkington added to their day’s takes with one each in the first division.

Wednesday, Nov. 22, Bangpra (white tees) – Stableford

CSS 73

Division 1 (0-17)

1st Allan Hanlon (14) 36pts

2nd Rodney Nabbe (14) 35pts

3rd Mark Cooper (11) 35pts

4th Darryl Burkett (12) 31pts

5th Trevor Schirmer (16) 31pts

Division 2 (18+)

1st Mike Korney (18) 37pts

2nd Vinny Lazell (19) 36pts

3rd Chris Ross (27) 31pts

4th Tony O’Neill (26) 30pts

Christer Olsson.
Christer Olsson.

Allan Hanlon, with a very solid level handicap round against a higher CSS of 73, led in a very tightly contested first division by one ahead of a count-back for second place, which Rodney Nabbe won with a better 19 to 18 to leave Mark Cooper in third place.  Darryl Burkett then won another count-back for fourth over Trevor Schirmer, carding a better 13 to 12.

The second division was taken by one of the recent usual suspects, Mike Korney with the best of the day one under handicap return to just beat the other suspect, Vinny Lazell, who had to settle for second on this occasion.  Chris Ross took a commendable third place one in front of Tony O’Neill in fourth.

Darryl Burkett had the sole 2 in the first division and Bruce Peel and Vinny Lazell shared the second division pool.

Friday, Nov. 24, Pattaya C.C. (white tees) – Monthly Medal

CSS 72

Division (0-15)

1st Greg Ignatieff (15) net 71

2nd Peter Skinner (10) net 72

3rd Andrew Purdie (7) net 74

4th Darryl Burkett (12) net 76

Division (16 +)

1st Christer Olsson (16) net 72

2nd Vinny Lazell (19) net 72

3rd Fumiaki Matsuura (18) net 74

4th Brendan Dunne (28) net 76

The last qualifying events for the Gold and Silver Medals were held again at Pattaya Country Club, where the course was found to be in very good shape with the greens deserving of special mention.

Greg Ignatieff won the first division with a best of the day one under return, with Pete Skinner in second place, Andrew Purdie third and Darryl Burkett in fourth.

The second division also saw a first time winner in Christer Olsson after he won a count-back over Vinny Lazell with a better 34 to 34.5.  That left Fumiaki Matsuura in third and Brendan Dunne in fourth.

Greg Ignatieff added to his day’s haul when he slipped in the sole 2 in the first division to sweep the pool whilst the second division was shared between Chis Olsson, Paul Radley, Hal Hart and Arthur Todd.